Crane for sale, only 28 AU on the clock

10th September 2009 – 5.20 pm

Perhaps a day too late, I invent a Crane. My partner in invention gets an early success with a Bustard BPC coming out of the laboratory, although the cost in datacores is quite high considering the number of failed attempts that come out at the same time. Undeterred, I do what any good scientist does and try to repeat my colleague's results, committing another slew of jobs to the invention laboratory, hoping that a new bombardment of datacores will beat the odds.

My first batch of invention jobs focusses on improving the Badger's hull, my obsession with inventing a Crane quite apparent. I also install a couple of Badger Mk II BPCs so that I won't be completely disappointed when no Crane BPCs are delivered, as I can then blame it on the Bustards. Luck is on my side, though, and I get a success! One Crane BPC is delivered to my hangar. I'm so proud. All I need to do now is manufacture it.

Checking the BPC gives me a complete list of parts, which includes a Badger as a starting point. But, oh my goodness, the exotic materials required to modify the Badger's systems are quite expensive. I was hoping that the difficulty in inventing a Crane would be offset by the profit, but the margin seems to be quite slim, particularly when taking the cost of lost datacores in to account.

There is little point in creating a Tech II BPC without doing anything with it, so I spend the tens of millions of ISK required to get the component materials and send my own Crane, Tigress II, to pick them all up from various systems. Installing the manufacturing job is straightforward, only leaving me time to wait for its completion, although building a Crane doesn't take quite as long as inventing one.

It is a glorious day indeed to witness in my hangar a Crane Tech II transport ship I designed and built myself. I almost cannot bring myself to put the Crane for sale on the market. So long did I wait to invent one, and so quickly did I manage to destroy my own Crane, that it seems disrespecteful to the graceful spaceship to try to seek base profit from my efforts. I should be selling to a collector, at least. But my suffering wallet has other ideas and quickly persuades me to name the ship 'FOR SALE' and fly it to a suitable-looking market.

I offer the Crane for a competitive price, one that will make me significant profit over its material cost. It is doubtful whether the profit also covers the cost of the datacores, but to ask for any more will risk leaving the Crane unsold. Never the less, my first success at inventing Tech II starships comes to fruition. I will only get more experienced with time, and hopefully richer.

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