Returning from shore leave

28th October 2009 – 5.39 pm

I'm returning from some planetside furry rest and relaxation. A handful of days doesn't sound long, but when they are spent in relative isolation, with only personal-distance communication, there is plenty to catch up with when getting back in the pod.

My first task is to refresh my ME research jobs. I extended the previous batch of BPO research for an extra day in the corporation laboratories to minimise any lost time, hoping no one would notice my presumptuousness, and they are all ready to be delivered when I get back to the station. I jump in the Crane and head out to the POS to refresh the BPOs that still need some extra research performed. A couple of finished jobs get tucked in to my ship's hold, as they have achieved an excellent level of ME research, allowing me to start on some different blueprints. This time, I reduce the research being performed so that the jobs should finish at a time next convenient for me to visit the POS.

Next I check the market, as well as my wallet's transactions. It looks like my orders have been selling steadily, although I will certainly need to review the prevailing prices and amend some orders, as well as start some more production runs to refill stock. I knew I would have to manufacture more modules before I took the shore leave, as some enterprising traders decided to buy up my entire stock of a module in a couple of stations, even though my profit margin was already fleecing unsuspecting punters. I would have started the manufacturing runs before my break but the sales came quite late in the evening. I was happy enough to the take the ISK and wait. I took advantage of my time away to produce a huge run of missiles, twice my normal production run, which are ready to be shipped to market. Taking care of industry will have to wait, however, as my plant is a couple of regions away.

The final status check is an optimistic glance at my training queue, hoping that perhaps I am in a position to add a skill to the end of it. If I could, it would mean that I am less than a day away from flying a Damnation but, as I well knew before the break, I am still not quite there. But the end of the long training plan is not far away, and checking the prices of Damnation command ships on the market is certainly warranted. I think my time would be better served researching possible fittings for the Damnation, though, rather than making warp engine noises as I spin the holographic model around its axes. I will soon be in a remote-repairing, armour-tanking command ship, which would be totally alien to me if it weren't for the launcher hardpoints. I've got some learning ahead of me.

I am nearly up-to-date on everything, all that's left is corporation business, the state of the current wormhole operation in particular. That can be left for another day, as I am still a bit woozy from leaving an authentic atmosphere for the goo of a pod. I join a friend for a little rat shooting and salvaging in pleasant company before heading back to a station for the night. I will be back in the embrace of the void before long.

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