Manufacturing and minerals

29th October 2009 – 7.41 pm

It's quiet, which is good. A quick dash back from the corporation HQ to my manufacturing base lets me get some production runs started, once I identify the few gaps in my output that appear in my recent absence. Not being a natural miner, I unsurprisingly don't have enough of each mineral stockpiled to start all the jobs I need. Rather than dash out to several systems to pick up the shortfall as I find one, I start all the manufacturing jobs I can. In the end, I am able to install all but two of the BPOs that I would like to produce from.

Temporarily putting aside the BPOs where I am missing minerals may seem an obvious step, but it is easy to get carried away and assume that your mineral stockpile only needs that one item or two in order to make everything. I've made a mineral run before only to find I have to head out again minutes later when I try to manufacture the next module from my inventory of BPOs. Once again, putting further manufacturing jobs in to the laboratory results in my needing a second mineral to be restocked, so I hit the market for both zydrine and mexallon.

I find some suitable quantities for sale nearby at a reasonable price and take my Crane to haul them back, buying enough to overstock my hangar for the next few production runs too. I can finish installing my maximum number of manufacturing jobs, but I leave further market manipulation until another day. I have some modules to be moved from one station to another, and a silly number of missiles to deliver, but I may as well wait until the newly installed jobs complete and I can get everything delivered in one session. Besides, there are corporation colleagues flying missions near my mission base, which sounds rather more exciting.

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