Anomalous ship loss

7th January 2010 – 5.44 pm

The Sleepers have been in our system for too long. There may not be artefacts or databanks to plunder, but it's time to disperse the Sleepers lurking in the various cosmic anomalies. We have so far preferred to enter neighbouring systems to reap the profits available, saving the local anomalies for less opportune times. Today is one of those times, and also lets us shake off the cobwebs after the festive period of inactivity. We get to remind ourselves how dangerous Sleepers can be.

Our fleet is fairly standard for our w-space endeavours, with twin Guardian logistic ships supplying remote repairs for a few battleships. And the combat starts smoothly enough, until our Rook pilot is distracted by otherworldly happenings, and he warps out briefly lest an incident occurs. Unfortunately, without his jamming ECM and because of the effectiveness of the Guardians, my twin becomes the Sleepers' primary target. A bit of lag and a few massive hits is enough to destroy the Guardian in an explosion that shakes my capsule.

With one Guardian down, it cannot feed the other with capacitor energy from its transfer modules, and the remote repair modules will quickly drain the remaining Guardian's capacitor. The fleet warps out to regroup. At least, most of the fleet warps out. The Apocalypse remains in the anomaly, warp engine scrambled by the Sleepers now targeting the battleship, just as the Guardian's drive was. The battleship is also destroyed by Sleeper fire. Two ships are now down in what should be a simple anomaly operation.

Although our morale is a little shaken, our resolve isn't. An exit to high-sec New Eden exists, and we navigate our way to it and hit the market. A new Guardian is bought and fitted, an Abaddon is found to replace the Apocalypse, and we return to the corporation tower in w-space. It takes some time finding and buying the ships and fittings, but we are ready to show the Sleepers who's in charge in this system.

We warp back in to the anomaly and destroy every last Sleeper present. The rampage isn't quite as satisfying as blasting through them with no losses, but at least we get right back in to the action. With the first anomaly wiped out, we spread our disdain in to another, returning when the dust settles with salvaging boats to claim our loot. The potential profits from the anomalies won't make us break even with the losses suffered, but another few sites will see us back on top.

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