Collecting a spare Guardian

20th January 2010 – 5.47 pm

My colleague and I make a concerted effort to find an exit to New Eden today. Fin is outside of w-space and we need to get her back in, with a new ship or two. I hop in to a Buzzard and get ready to locate some wormholes. My colleague is in the neighbouring system. Instead of coming back to drop off a bookmark, he gives me the signature of the exit wormhole in our home system, making it quicker to find. Once I am in the neighbouring system myself, we split the work-load, sharing information on which signatures we are resolving and which ones are not wormholes.

My first pick of cosmic signatures is quickly discarded by my colleague as a gravimetric site, full of asteroids, so I choose again. I select a fresh signature from the dozen or so hits the probes return, and within a few scans the type is returned as 'unknown'. That's a wormhole! I may be getting good at scanning. I announce the wormhole's signature and quickly get it's location resolved to 100%. Warping to the wormhole lets me gain some information about it, the good news being that it leads to high-sec space, making travel convenient and safer for transporting ships.

I pop my nose through to the other side of the wormhole, the strangely uncomfortable populated space of high-sec New Eden, and find that the journey to corporate HQ is only fourteen hops. I am also able to get and relay the system's name, which lets corporation capsuleers start plotting their journey to w-space. As I am to pick up a ship, I head back to the tower in w-space and drop off the Buzzard, returning to k-space in my bare pod. High-sec travel is easy, and I am back at corporate HQ soon enough. My pod is inserted in to a spare Guardian logistics ship and I am already feeling more comfortable.

Whilst at HQ, I take the good opportunity to refresh my BPO research jobs, once more wondering when I'll make the time to get manufacturing flowing again. Industry has certainly become a secondary activity to living in w-space, but the steady flow of income is welcome and gives me a different focus for slower periods. As it turns out, people aren't readily available for Sleeper engagements, so once I successfully drop off the Guardian at the tower I have the time to pop out to New Eden in my Crane. Taking care of a little business is made easier considering the wormhole exit has materialised in the same region as my manufacturing base.

For the first time in a month of two, I buy a new batch of minerals from the market to restock my supplies and start a handful of production runs. I have to pay attention to the mineral prices, both to see how the market is fluctuating and to keep an eye on my profit margins. The inflated cost of nocxium gives me a little shock, and I am thankful I currently have enough for my needs, allowing me to install my manufacturing jobs. Delivering my first Badger Mark II ship off the production line, I put a handful more in to manufacture, taking the built ship to market, which is fairly exciting. It will be interesting to see how quickly it sells, as an indicator for the new ones.

With research and manufacturing taken care of, I return to my w-space home. I will need to get back to New Eden soon, to deliver my production runs to the market, but for now my appetite for high-sec space is sated.

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