Sleeper suppression and salvaging

21st January 2010 – 5.49 pm

Fin quips that the spare Guardian brought in to w-space means there will be less of a delay when one pops. Tish and pish, we'll be fine. If anything, bringing in a spare almost guarantees that we'll never need it, taunting us in to thinking buying it was a waste of ISK. Either way, the extra Guardian acts as an insurance policy. And now that we are back with a full complement of ships, Fin is out for revenge. We form a fleet and warp back to the Sleeper site that saw the destruction of the previous Guardian, halting our earlier rampage through w-space.

The Sleepers have risen, we are told, 'and we're bringing them their morning coffee'. Having said that, I'm told I'm doing it wrong, and maybe that's why we lost the last time. Ah, okay. Let's shoot the Sleepers instead. Warping in to the site goes a bit awry, the bookmark made causing us to drop out of warp on top of a huge structure. As our battleships engage the Sleepers, and we repair the incoming damage to the battleships, we decide to get our Guardians paired up and away from the structure. But for some reason, neither of us can get clear of the structure. It turns out that we are both confused, thinking the other Guardian is ourself, and bumping in to the structure believing we're actually on the other side. With the confusion cleared, we pilot around the structure and get in to clear space.

There are no problems repairing through the damage this time, and the waves of Sleeper ships are soon destroyed with no losses. It's time to salvage, and I like salvaging. I have my warp-in wreck bookmarked before we even finish combat, and then I am away to the tower to get a salvaging Catalyst destroyer. I warp back in to the Sleeper site, now full of wrecks, and start pulling the wrecks back to my ship to loot and salvage, quickly getting in to a comfortable rhythm. There are a couple of wrecks lying distant from the main clumps, probably battleships shooting from range or fleeing frigates, which I'll leave until last.

As luck would have it, once I have cleared all but the last two wrecks, one of these distant wrecks is now over 150 km away, which means I can warp to it. And warping to the first distant wreck puts me now far enough away from the second to warp to that too. Instead of taking a couple of minutes flying with my micro-warp drive active, a couple of seconds of actual warp flight puts me immediately next to each wreck, ready for salvaging. The site is clear of loot and salvage, which is hauled back to the tower. I get a bit of a start when I approach the tower, thinking a warp bubble has been dropped, but then I realise it is only my tactical overlay. I have zoomed out so far that my targeting range sphere has engulfed the tower's shields, making the latter look like a bubble.

I swap back to the Guardian logistics ship and the fleet warps in to a second Sleeper site. This is also cleared smoothly and efficiently, followed by some more lovely salvaging. It has been a clean night of Sleeper destruction, just what we needed.

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