Ships scattered to the solar wind

16th March 2010 – 5.44 pm

I am almost ready to switch corporations. I have dropped my roles from DGSE in preparation and I wake up to find myself bouncing off the shields of the new tower. I have a couple of hours before the twenty-four hour grace period elapses, after which I can sumbit my application to the new corporation, and I think I will put that time to good use by rescuing my ships. It appears that the ships I moved and left in the protection of the new tower's shields are now scattered around, at least a hundred kilometres from the shields in several directions. I don't know why that's happened, but I'd better salvage them quickly as anyone with the right skills could simply jump in to them and fly off.

My Manticore, Damnation and Onyx are all floating in free space, all quite far apart. I am in my Buzzard fitted with a micro-warp drive, so reaching the first of the ships is achieved in quite a short time of full burn. I swap over to the Damnation and fly it back to the DGSE tower, which is still assembled and powered, and drop it in the hangar safely. I warp back to the new tower and realise my flustered state at seeing expensive ships scattered to the solar wind hasn't helped me think through the process. I crawl the hundred kilometres back to my Buzzard in my pod, then make use of the covert operations' micro-warp drive to speed me to the Manticore. The long crawl lets me realise how I should be collecting the ships.

Once at the Manticore I bookmark my current position before swapping boats, effectively pin-pointing my Buzzard. I warp and store the Manticore and use the new bookmark to warp directly back to the Buzzard. It is then another quick micro-warp drive burn to the Onyx, where I make another bookmark. The Onyx is stored and I can warp back to my Buzzard again, all my ships reclaimed. An Orca pilot can help me move the ships between towers at a suitable time. For now, I just wait until I can apply to the new corporation.

An exit to k-space has been found, and although it is again in the deep low-sec of Aridia I only need to dock at any available station. No longer do I need to dock at a station holding a corporate office to apply to a corporation. The low-sec exit in Aridia happens to have a station, so I don't even need to make any jumps. And once the requisite grace period has passed I am accepted in to the Wormhole Engineers, although I make the newbie mistake of quitting the old corporation before applying to the new, giving me a minute or so in the depressing company of Caldari Provisions, the NPC corporation. But it is done, I am in the new corporation. I can head back home.

On the way out of w-space, my checks of the directional scanner reveal both a Thanatos carrier and Rorqual capital industrial ship, neither of which I've seen before and both I believe being difficult to move around. On the way back home, I find the tower in the w-space system that holds these two capital ships, and take a few moments to see them in person. It is difficult to get a sense of scale from so far away, as I remain distant from the tower for safety, but I get a good idea by comparing their size to that of the tower. They are pretty big.

I think about asking in the local channel if the owner of the Rorqual could turn it a little, so I can get a better picture, but I decide against it. My curiosity sated, I go home to the tower for the night, which welcomes me as a new member of the corporation. Maybe it won't spit my ships out in the future.

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