Ladar site Sleeper combat

17th March 2010 – 5.44 pm

I jump out of our home w-space system looking for the normal complete lack of targets, and find just that. Little is happening, just a colleague mining gas in a local ladar site. When Sleepers turn up to try to move on my mining colleague I get the chance to be active for a little while. I also get the opportunity to fly a Drake again, an activity I haven't done for quite a while. In fact, I can't remember the last time I piloted the Drake.

Warping in to the ladar site brings up the four Sleeper cruisers as targets, and I lock and start firing on them. The miner swaps out to an Ishtar heavy assault ship, and his superior DPS gets all the attention from the Sleepers. His ship is soon buffeted in to its armour and he warps off, leaving my Drake to take all the damage. That's okay, absorbing damage is what my Drake does best. I barely see the shields drop below 90%, the shield harmonising siege warfare link I'm using helping a little.

But engaging ladar site Sleeper guards is hardly a challenge. The Ishtar warps back in and helps finish them off, dismissing his armour damage as reparable, and then he's back to mining the gas. I go back to scanning w-space. I can't be lucky enough to find an inattentive miner twice in two weeks, but at least I locate the replacement static wormhole exit out of a class 2 system, the previous exit having reached the end of its lifetime when our scanning man found it earlier.

There's no sign of activity. At another corporation's tower in a nearby system there is only a shuttle inside the shields, and at our own only the gas miner is around. I return home and spend the quiet evening relaxing.

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