Circling wormholes

12th May 2010 – 5.34 pm

There is still nothing happening. I go out in my Buzzard scanning boat to entertain myself looking for sites. The neighbouring class 4 w-space system is my first destination, scanning every last signature to look for anything of interest. There are some good sites to run if we get a fleet together, but no surprises. I jump in to the connecting C3 system and scan this one too. The C4 has enough sites and better profit to keep us busy, if we get busy, but having the sites bookmarked may be good for later ambushes. I have almost mapped the entirety of two connecting systems and still all is quiet. Oh, except there is a new wormhole in the C3, how exciting!

The appearance of the new wormhole is particularly interesting because I was down to resolving the final two signatures in the system, and now there are three. The wormhole has only just been opened, making it no surprise when it turns out to be a K162. My directional scanner shows no probes in the C3, so I assume the scanner has found the wormhole in the connecting system and warped to it, then continued to scan. I rush back across the C4 to our home system, swap in to my Malediction interceptor, and go back hopefully to lie in wait for a scanning boat to pounce on. Having to travel across two systems and return the same way means I am too slow, and when I jump Sad Panda in to the C3 there are probes on d-scan. I wait for the session change timer to expire then jump back to the C4, camping that wormhole instead.

I may be a while sitting on the C4 side of this wormhole. There are quite a lot of signatures to resolve in the C3. There is also no guarantee that the scanner will jump in to this class 4 system, perhaps keener to go through the other wormhole to the class 1 system, where he is more likely to find a good exit to empire space. Indeed, my patience at sitting still wears out and, out of curiosity, I jump my Malediction back in to the C3. There are no probes on scan, so he has probably gone the other way. I warp to the C3's static wormhole and jump in to the C1, to find the recently lazy system now has a Tengu and Proteus on d-scan. There are no accompanying Sleeper wrecks, though. I'm not sure what is going on but I don't think I want to find out in my uncloaked interceptor. What I can do instead is poke my nose through the K162 in the C3 to see where these ships likely came from.

The three extra-large ship assembly arrays catch my eye on d-scan, swiftly followed by the Tengu strategic cruiser, Thanatos carrier, Rorqual capital industrial ship, Orca industrial command ship, Moros dreadnought, and, well, plenty of other ships that may not be quite as threatening but equally display the resources available to these capsuleers. It's good to know who is around, at least, and I jump back in to the C3. I return to our home system and tower safely and rest, hoping more of the corporation will be around later.

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