Back to scanning and repping

18th May 2010 – 7.09 pm

A potential mining system is reported as found. We don't look for systems with rich gravimetric sites so we can mine ore, though, the report is to make us aware that perhaps we'll have defenceless targets to shoot at some point in the evening. Let's hope so. I spent a day out in empire space, having stupidly got myself killed, but now I am back through the wormhole and have brought a new Onyx heavy interdictor with me. I have called it Mothman.

Being home again gives me access to my ships. I jump in to my Buzzard, copy the current bookmarks from the can, and go out to take a look at these systems for myself. Our neighbouring class 4 system is unoccupied. I press on to the next system, which is occupied but empty of activity. The only gravimetric site in the system is already bookmarked. That's good work. I jump back to our neigbouring system and start scanning, looking for potential sites and any signs of incoming wormholes, which could pose threats.

I find loads of ladar gas mining sites in the C4, accompanied by one gravimetric and one magnetometric site, both of which I bookmark. There are no futher wormholes, which makes this a rather good system to engage Sleepers in. Before I return to the tower I warp in to the gravimetric site and get bookmarks for the arkonor and bistot rocks, then head back to the C3 to check again for activity. There is nothing happening, but again I get a good warp-in bookmark for the gravimetric site, to ensure I don't get decloaked by rocks should I need to warp in to the site later. I then make use of the null-sec exit wormhole in the system to get another red dot of exploration on my star map before returning home.

Our fleet gets prepared to fight Sleepers. We fly a standard configuration of big ships with two Guardian logistic ships in to our neighbouring system and start clearing the local anomalies. There is a curious moment when one of the Sleepers tries to warp scramble a drone, which is perhaps a little insulting to us capsuleers to think the Sleepers cannot tell us apart, but otherwise the combat is smooth.

We take a break after the fourth cleared anomaly, our salvaging Ishtar sweeping up after ourselves, after which we see our homewards wormhole is reaching the end of its life. Rather than push our luck and continuing we warp home safely. I quickly check the C3 system but still find a lack of activity, so go home to rest. The evening's profits start to pay back the ISK I spent to replace my Onyx too.

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