Kicking back in Sleeper anomalies

25th May 2010 – 7.34 pm

The interlopers are gone, our system is quiet. Our neighbouring class 4 w-space system has no new wormholes connecting in to it, the occupied class 2 along from that shows no activity, and neither does the empty C1 that ends the chain. We are nicely isolated from threats at the moment and the C4 is helpfully stuffed full of anomalies. It is a fine time to be able to assemble a small fleet to venture out and attack Sleepers to plunder their exotic technology.

Two Guardian logistic ships, a Rook combat recon ship, Megathron battleship, and Abaddon battleship assemble at our tower ready for combat. We have remote reppers, ECM, and plenty of DPS, all with only one capacitor-hungry ship. The Abaddon can be fed constantly, whilst the only peckish Megathron can be given a nibble when necessary. The local systems are quiet enough that we don't need to worry too much about clearing up after ourselves quickly, concentrating on combat now and salvaging later.

A Wolf Rayet phenomenon is present in the C4 we fight in and as it increases armour resistances it has quite a big effect on the armour-heavy Sleepers. It also lets us Guardian pilots fly almost on automatic, which makes for a relaxing, uneventful evening of combat. As our fleet's damage is not sacrificed by dragging a salvager around with us we make good progress, clearing five anomalies easily enough before time runs out.

I am quick back to the tower to snatch the Catalyst destroyer out of the ship hangar, heading back to indulge myself with some dedicated salvaging. I get a bit involved in my efficiency, missing a couple of questions and one or two engineers saying good night, but this is the best part of the evening for me, once I add alliance wrecks to the overview so that I can see them properly. I take my haul of loot and salvage back to the tower, then head out to check for signs of activity in our local systems. Space remains as sleepy as I have become, and I return home to rest.

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    Take a look at that thread. I read your blog religiously. I have operated in the past with a W-space alliance and I really appreciate what you write and how you work.

    What is written in that thread needs to be read by people like you and yours.


    By Diametrix on May 25, 2010

  3. That information goes deeper than I had imagined. It's quite interesting and I'd like to think I could crack the code, but it's probably best left to people smarter than me.

    Thanks for the link, I'll keep checking it from time to time to have a ponder, and thanks for the kind compliment.

    By pjharvey on May 29, 2010

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