Piracy in a Zephyr

10th June 2010 – 5.13 pm

I will go back. The Scorpion has seen me leave, I have seen an unfinished anomaly on d-scan, and I have reloaded my stealth bomber. There is a slim chance I can cause more mayhem. The first step is to see if the Scorpion battleship has moved from the wormhole leading in to the C5, which is easy enough to do. Jumping in to the C4, which leads to the C5, poses no problems and the two wormholes are even out of d-scan range of each other, so the Scorpion pilot won't even know that I am in the system. I warp to the connecting wormhole at range and see that the battleship is still loitering, no doubt making sure that no one returns to their system.

I sit and wait, watching the Scorpion. It takes a while but he eventually jumps back in to his system. I wait a little longer, not wanting to jump in before the Scorpion warps away, and it is possible that he will sit on the other side for a while. At least I know when he jumps back, and that he does, rather than having to guess at the Scorpion's location. After a few more minutes I jump through to the C5 myself. If the Scorpion is still waiting then he has greater patience than me and they deserve to keep their anomaly, otherwise I am free to look around a little longer. There is no one visible on the other side of the wormhole and I move away and cloak.

The first anomaly is gone and there are no caspuleers in the second, just some Sleepers and a handful of wrecks. I wonder if they are simply going to leave this unfinished anomaly and I warp to the tower to check for activity. Only the pod of the salvager whose ship I destroyed is there, the other two pilots are absent. I haven't scanned this system and don't have any wormholes leading further out, so I can't check if they are in adjacent systems. But I know they are around somewhere, only not in this system. It suggests that they are going to abandon the anomaly, at least for now.

If the C5 inhabitants aren't going to make the most of their opportunity then I will. Checking the system one more time and finding it clear I jump back home and swap my Manticore for the Zephyr prototype ship. The Zephyr may be mostly useless but it has the wonderful property of being completely ignored by sleepers, much as a capsule is, but with a ten cubic metre cargo hold. This makes the ship ideal for recovering loot in sites where Sleepers remain. I jump back to the C5 and warp to a bookmarked wreck in the second anomaly. The Sleepers pay me no attention and the system's occupants are still not around, and I am able to loot each of the wrecks in the unfinished anomaly without problem.

Making the journey back home I have time to count the loot. I bring back another twenty-one million ISK in Sleeper loot. Along with the earlier salvage I have made a good profit from piracy today, and scared some more capsuleers in to abandoning Sleeper combat, all whilst having fun. It has been a good day.

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