Scanning local w-space

12th July 2010 – 5.17 pm

It's back to scanning for me. There are no bookmarks available in our shared can, which means I need to get in my Buzzard covert operations boat to find the current w-space connections. Scanning resolves our new static wormhole and jumping through gives an unlikely occasion, as I am in the same class 4 system that connected directly to us yesterday too. At least my intelligence about the system is current.

Starting my scan, I am able to find the system's static wormhole on my first choice of signature and, just like yesterday, it leads to another C4. I have previously visited this next system along our route too, a couple of months ago, and it remains unoccupied. But there is also a lack of anomalies, although plenty of signatures dot the system, which is curious. I chase a likely looking signature half-way across the system before resolving it to be a wormhole leading to a C5 system.

The class 5 w-space system is unoccupied and contains plenty of anomalies and signatures, but I am only interested in wormholes for now. I find two quickly, the first wormhole coming in from another C5, the other leading out to null-sec k-space. I pop out to null-sec, landing in the RF-CN3 system in the Querious region, which is actually quite close to civilisation. The system is a dead-end but only five jumps from low-sec, and one more would take a pilot to high-sec.

I don't explore the route to high-sec but simply head back to w-space, then jump through the K162 to the second C5. Taking a look around, there is a tower in this C5 but it is off-line, making it likely that I'll find another K162 in this system. Indeed, scanning reveals a wormhole leading in to this class 5 system, but only from null-sec k-space again. I jump through to visit REB-KR in Immensea, and a couple of adjacent systems for exploration points, before heading home. It looks like I have a complete map of local w-space for now.

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