Roaming or rambling

24th July 2010 – 3.36 pm

Rolling the hole is not quite controlled and our scout gets lost in space. He's in high-sec empire space but reports himself 'trapped' there, which is an interesting perspective on w-space life. The operation to collapse our wormhole may not have been completely smooth but our new w-space neighbourhood has already been mapped by the time I turn up to find all this occurring. There are four intermediate w-space systems between home and an exit to empire space, and then we have a choice of high-sec, low-sec, and null-sec systems to jump to, thanks to a class 3 system acting as a crossroads.

A capsuleer heads out to empire space to contract a copy of the bookmarks to our isolated colleague. When he gets back I make my own copies of the bookmarks, board my Manticore stealth bomber, and go looking for more than wormholes.

Probes are visible on the directional scanner in our neighbouring class 4 system, as well as a tower and a couple of Buzzard covert operation boats. My notes inform me that I have been in this system three times before and two months ago it was unoccupied. It looks like someone has moved in. I find the tower and see one of the Buzzards and now a Drake battlecruiser sitting in the shields, both ships piloted. There is no movement and a lone Drake is not going to be engaging Sleepers in an anomaly in a C4, so I move on to the next system along the route.

I jump in to a class 5 system and find I have been here before as well, around three months ago. The system was occupied when I was last here and still is now, the tower in the same location as my notes suggest. But there is no activity and I move on again. The C5 leads in to a C4, where the only sign of life is a few scanning probes visible on d-scan, and again I move on, jumping through the system's static connection to another C4. This system is unscanned and I am careful to bookmark the wormhole back, but warping around the system finds nothing of interest. I jump back in to the previous system and warp to the incoming connection that leads to the class 3 system.

The C3 should be quite familiar, as I was only here yesterday, although I didn't stay long enough to be involved in the popping of an Astarte command ship and a salvaging destroyer. Visiting the tower and checking d-scan shows no one to be home at the moment. I take advantage of the null-sec connection to get more red dots of exploration on my star map, visiting system Y6-9LF of the Malpais region. But there is nothing happening. The quiet route is convenient for the return of our colleague but rather dull otherwise. Heading home shows less activity than before, probes no longer visible and the two ships in our neighbouring system gone.

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