Becoming more comfortable in the Tengu

25th July 2010 – 5.50 pm

W-space is quiet. It's time to collapse our static wormhole again, hopefully with more success than earlier. The mass calculations prove to be more accurate this time, the wormhole becoming critically unstable when expected and imploding with the final jump home. And now we scan again. The new static connection is really easy to find and we jump in to a class 4 system I last visited four months ago. It remains unoccupied. Our newly returned scan man soon resolves the system's static connection, leading to a C2, and jumping through finds a tower with a piloted but inert Megathron battleship inside its shields. We don't scan further, instead heading home to swap to our Tech III cruisers to make some profit.

A few anomalies in our neighbouring C4 are scanned and my Tengu and colleague's Legion warp in to engage Sleepers. There is a slight cause for concern when the wrong Sleeper ship is destroyed and the next wave warps in ahead of schedule, and I warp Pengu out of the anomaly as a precaution. I still don't know the full capabilities or weaknesses of my new strategic cruiser. Warping back in shows I needn't have worried, my augmented shield booster easily keeping my shields healthy against all the Sleeper fire. I even manage to destroy a battleship by myself, when the Legion warps off to guide another colleague through the wormhole.

Having been flying ships with passive buffer or recharge tanks and limited capacitors it makes quite a change to be actively tanking and see my capacitor recharge quite quickly. But also having flown the Guardian logistics ship in to combat almost exclusively I keep forgetting that an important part of maintaining firepower is carrying enough ammunition. My heavy assault launchers fire rapidly and I underestimate the number of missiles needed to complete anomalies, but not significantly. Two anomalies are completed without running out of missiles, although I can't fully reload all my launchers when the last Sleeper explodes.

Some rough calculations, and a correction from my colleague, shows that Pengu will be firing approximately six thousand missiles an hour. This gives a good guide to the number I will need to carry with me, whether it is for a prolonged assault against Sleepers or a short burst of fire against other capsuleers. The calculated figure also informs me that I should take the next opportunity of a k-space exit to buy more missiles. I'll probably stuff my Crane transport ship full of missiles when I can. The cost won't be a problem, as the profit from just these two anomalies tonight could pay for several month's worth of ammunition. But, for now, I go home and get some rest.

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