Continuing after an ambush

14th August 2010 – 3.58 pm

Another salvager sucks the vacuum! Unfortunately, the destroyed salvager is our own, ambushed by a Stiletto interceptor. The corporation fleet disengages from the Sleepers to protect itself, and to hunt the Stiletto. I arrive in the midst of the hunt and am tasked to scan for any additional wormholes connecting in to our home system. It has been assumed that the interceptor jumped in to our neighbouring system from a known route but it is best to check for additional connections, as we don't want any more ships surprising us. I launch probes and scan but there are no new wormholes in our system. The Stiletto cannot be located either.

Rather than abandon the evening's attempts to profit the fleet is reconfigured to continue more safely. Strategic cruisers are launched to complete the site that was left mid-combat, whilst recon ships and covert operations boats keep eyes on both connecting wormholes in to and out of the system. Our Tech III ships are capable of clearing the anomaly of Sleepers and our cloaked companions create an early-warning system. I join the Legion and Tengu in the anomaly in my own Tengu, adding to the combat capability and speeding up completion.

The anomaly is cleared and salvagers are brought in to loot the wrecks, a Falcon kept nearby and cloaked in case a hostile ship remains in the system. I loiter in the anomaly with my Tengu, hopefully being a threat, as the salvagers sweep the Sleeper wrecks in to their holds. No more trouble is seen and everyone gets home safely. Whether anyone else was watching or not remains unknown.

Only that one site is completed after I turn up, the hostile ship effectively calling an end to the evening's operation. At least it gives me another chance to fly my Tengu strategic cruiser, seeing how my continued training enhances the ship's capabilities now that all but one of my subsystem skills are at the highest level. Aside from boosting the effectiveness of the Tengu the completed skill training lets me return my focus to the long-term plan to get in to the next new class of ship. My goal is an undeniably pretty ship, particularly after its remodelling. But I fear it may turn out to be mostly unused, filling a niche that no one really wants, much like my Damnation.

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  2. Hi.

    Love your posts. Was just wondering how much time you spend in EVE? You always make it sound like your having great adventures :)

    By noise on Aug 14, 2010

  3. Thanks!

    EVE Online is my main hobby for now, so when I get some spare time it is generally what I go to first to relax. I get to have quite a few adventures as a result. But they aren't all full of excitement and I try to show that w-space can sometimes be quiet with little to do.

    By pjharvey on Aug 15, 2010

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