Exploring w-space systems

19th October 2010 – 5.05 pm

I'm active early, hoping to lay the foundations for later ambushes. I take my Buzzard covert operations boat out to scan today's w-space constellation to look for likely targets or sites of interest. I find the home system's static wormhole easily enough and jump through. Our neighbouring class 4 system also connected to us only four days ago, as well as a couple of weeks before that, and remains unoccupied. As I have recently started noting the static wormholes in each system I visit I know I am looking for a connection to a C1, which sounds promising even though the C4 is empty of activity.

Not only do I know what kind of static wormhole I'm looking for but it sits almost on top of the homewards K162, making it really easy to find when I make an initial scan to get the return wormhole's signature. Rather than ignore the rest of the signatures in this C4 I perform a quick blanket scan of the whole system, but there is nothing that looks likely to be another wormhole. I quickly discount a couple of ladar sites and there is perhaps a radar or magnetometric site waiting to be discovered, but I leave it to head onwards to the class 1 system.

I've been in this C1 before too, although it has been five months since I was last here. The system was unoccupied then and remains so now. As the C1 probably leads out to k-space this could be a potentially short and uninteresting expedition, if I only find two empty w-space systems. But sifting through the nine signatures resolves a K162 as the first wormhole I discover, leading in from a class 2 system, a clear indication of activity. I keep looking for the C1's static wormhole instead of jumping directly through the K162, soon resolving an exit to null-sec k-space that is not helpful for us but interesting none the less.

A radar site is the last of the nine signatures in the C1, finishing my thorough scan. I take a shufti in the null-sec system, briefly appearing in 0-7XA8 in the Stain region, before jumping through the K162 to the class 2 w-space system. As the wormhole must have been opened from the C2 system it is not surprising to see a tower on my directional scanner, but a little disappointing not to see any ships. I locate the tower, confirm that any activity in this system stopped a while ago, and scan for the C2's secondary connection.

Scanning is quick, as the system is sparse, kept clean by the inhabitants. Besides the static connection to the C1 through which I entered, three signatures resolve to a ladar gas mining site, a K162 from high-sec empire space, and the second static wormhole also heading to high-sec empire space. I check both destination systems through the exits to high-sec, bookmarking the empire side of the wormholes, and head homewards. There remains no activity in the systems and little to investigate. Once back at the tower I drop copies of all my bookmarks in our shared can and take a break.

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