Scanning, shooting, selling

29th December 2010 – 3.02 pm

It's interesting to have a w-space system full of bookmarked signatures and look for differences. It gives a sense of initial approximation and spatial recognition when trying to match up bookmarked locations with the fuzzy first feelers scanning probes initially return, trying to gauge which of the couple of dozen red dots is sufficiently separate from a known site to be new. Do it enough, and finding the daily refreshed static wormhole in our pulsar system becomes easier. Which is just my way of pointing out that, once again, I am alone and scanning.

Our neighbouring class 3 system is familiar today, having visited it previously three months ago to the day. My notes have information about occupancy and the where the static wormhole will lead, which looks to be low-sec empire space again. But I also see, and confirm, that my directional scanner no longer has a tower in the system. If my notes don't agree with there being occupation, then perhaps there is still hope that I won't find an exit to low-sec!

I jest, of course, and when scanning the system I resolve a single wormhole and, knowing it to lead to low-sec space, leave it unvisited. There are also two anomalies and sixteen other signatures here, which turn out to be just rocks and gas. I consider taking a break but see the opportunity to clear a couple of anomalies without interruption. I jump homewards and swap the scanning boat for my Tengu strategic cruiser, going back to the C3 to make some quick profit. Except that running anomalies solo isn't that quick.

Although I was planning to clear both anomalies I soon change my mind and stop after the first, not exactly wanting for petty iskies right now and thinking there are better activities for me to do. I loot the wrecks, returning home with a modest forty million ISK in salvage, and take a break.

A little later and not much has changed. I am still by myself and the class 3 system remains empty. I may as well open the static wormhole in the C3 and go out to empire space to sell our collected loot, but trying to do so only has my ship floating in empty space. I suppose the wormhole was opened hours before I jumped in to the system earlier, by other pilots. It is a good reminder never assume anything, particularly that a system is unconnected. At least I continued to watch d-scan when in my Tengu shooting Sleepers.

I swap to my Buzzard covert operations boat and, ignoring the same gas and rocks as before, resolve the new static connection in the class 3 system. Checking the exit destination puts me in low-sec empire space, but only one jump to high-sec and three in total from Hek, a hub I recognise. I don't know where the previous connection led, but it couldn't have been much more convenient than this one. It is a simple matter to sell all of our Sleeper loot and contract the salvage to our friendly industrialist.

Whilst out in empire space, and near a market hub, I buy some heavy assault launcher II modules, ready for my second advanced launcher skill to start training. I throw them in to my cargo hold and set course to return to w-space, divvying up the ISK from the sale of the Sleeper loot between corporation tax, Fin, and myself as I make the short journey. Back at the tower, I settle down to sleep.

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