Exploration continues later

17th January 2011 – 5.54 pm

The wormhole opened by our earlier interlopers has collapsed, giving me a new one to open. I resolve the connection and jump through, still a little disappointed that the earlier possibility of deeper exploration is now gone, most likely replaced with a single class 3 w-space system to explore before reaching an exit to k-space. At least the likelihood is that the exit will lead to low-sec empire space, which may give me a decent route to an academy system where I can buy the heavy missile specialisation skill book. Or maybe there will even be miners to hunt in the C3, the mining drones on my directional scanner grabbing my attention.

There may be mining drones in the system, but the only ships I can see are an Imicus frigate and a shuttle. I've seen a Badger hauler mine before, but not a shuttle, making it more likely that the drones are part of a trap. That won't stop me looking for them, though, but only after I've found the two towers that are also visible on d-scan. Locating the towers is easy, and also lets me find the ships, both of them nestled inside the shields of one of the towers, and it also helps confirm that the mining drones are floating in empty space.

I warp away from the tower and launch combat scanning probes, easily letting me find the drones. Warping to their position finds them alone, not even any asteroids for company, the poor mites no doubt lonely and unfulfilled. I scoop them in to my hold, not that bringing them back with me will let the mining drones realise their raison d'être, but perhaps Fin will put them to use. Rescue mission complete, I continue scanning, finding only three anomalies and three signatures, the latter comprising two ladar sites and the static wormhole, which indeed leads out to low-sec empire space.

Jumping out to low-sec puts me in the Kor-Azor region, which almost sounds civilised, but I don't appear to be close to any system I recognise. Indeed, I am sixteen jumps from Kor-Azor Prime, which is a mighty long way for being in the same region. I grab my atlas and check my relative position to see that I am in the farthest corner of the region, and in a dead end to boot. I either have a fair bit of travel ahead of me or I go without the new skill book for another day. It can wait. I jump back in to w-space, and head home to get some sleep.

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