A class 3 radar site and anomalies

19th February 2011 – 3.42 pm

Fin's out scanning. We form a fleet and I warp to her position to get an easy ride to today's static wormhole, and Fin reports it to be the only wormhole in our system today. Jumping through puts us in an unoccupied class 3 w-space system, where a quick scan shows there to be fourteen anomalies full of Sleepers and their lovely loot. This seems to be a good system to make some iskies, particularly as we've been neglecting our wallets for a while.

Before getting our strategic cruisers out we hunt down the dozen or so signatures to ensure there is only the single wormhole here too, as any more could indicate the possibility of unwanted visitors whilst we're shooting Sleepers. My newly trained covert operations V skill gives a nice boost to my scanning strength, and I am discarding rocks and gas quicker than ever before. There is only one wormhole in the system, and we leave it unvisited in the hopes of it remaining closed, and the only other signature of interest is a radar site. We'll run that first.

Our Tengus are launched from the hangar and we return to the C3 in a fully HAM configuration. Despite the short range of the heavy assault missiles, even if one of us is webbed to a crawl the other should be able to close to the webbing ships and turn them in to wrecks. What I am not expecting, in the radar site, is for the frigates and cruisers to web different targets, and for the cruisers to be remotely repairing the frigates beyond our damage capability. We can't get close to the cruisers because of the webs, and can't can't pop the frigates because of the reps. Maybe we can't fly HAMs here after all.

Fin has an idea. She 'bounces' off a distant planet to warp in at range from her previous point, choosing the alignment so that she drops out of warp near the pesky cruisers. And it works. Fin starts shooting the cruisers and takes one down before it can get out of range again. As she does that, I pop a frigate. The repairs from one cruiser were taken from the frigates to repair the other cruiser, which Fin was shooting, letting me finally overcome the defences. And with those first kills a domino effect is created, letting us clear the wave.

The other waves pose a different problem, with the Sleepers neutralising our capacitors, but simply pulsing our shield boosters helps maintain enough cap to continue. The booster is run continuously normally out of convenience, soaking up far more damage than we receive, and there is no danger of destruction in pulsing it when required, our Tengus never even falling below 80% shields. On the last battleship of the site I warp out, leaving Fin to continue shooting, to swap to a hacking ship. On my return, I start hacking in to the Sleeper databases whilst Fin is flung to a basic anomaly to continue shooting.

I grab all the decryptors and head home to swap back to my Tengu. The wrecks can be left for later, as they stay in space separate from the site, unlike the databases. In the anomalies we play ping-pong with Upholder cruisers, this time having one of us webbed and the other free to pursue, the Sleepers switching between us as our level of threat changes. Otherwise, there are no surprises. We clear four anomalies in total, working our way down the difficulty scale as the evening progresses, hopefully maximising our profit for the time spent. We both bring in a Noctis salvager each, making quick work of looting and salvaging the wrecks, bringing home almost three hundred million ISK for the evening, not counting the radar goodies. That's a nice haul, and it has been a good evening's fun.

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  2. Cans last for 2 hours in mags and radars unless they are touched. Then they despawn as soon as everyone leaves the site.

    By Fyreax on Feb 19, 2011

  3. That's not my experience. Databases and artefacts, as Sleeper sentry guns, disappear when the site despawns, which is when there are no Sleeper or capsuleer ships left in a site for a few minutes. The presence of 'untouched' containers doesn't seem to sustain the site.

    Have you left magnetometric or radar sites for more than ten minutes to return to them still available? And was that without further Sleepers spawning during hacking/analysing?

    By pjharvey on Feb 19, 2011

  4. Yes. We just ran 2 radar and 4 mag a few hours ago. It took us 1 hr 10 min and we brought out salvagers and can openers. All sites had both our wrecks and the cans when we arrived to clean up.

    By Fyreax on Feb 19, 2011

  5. Okay, cool, maybe it's been changed. I think we can try this out the next time we venture in to such a site. Thanks.

    By pjharvey on Feb 19, 2011

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