Golem test flight

15th April 2011 – 5.59 pm

I think it's time to test my Golem. No one's home, here or in our neighbouring class 3 w-space system. There is a tower in the C3, in the same place it was on my last visit a couple of months ago, and I resolve but don't warp to the static exit to low-sec empire space. A second wormhole looked interesting but it disappeared before I could warp to see what it was, and as it didn't respawn elsewhere I am assuming it wasn't the static wormhole. There are three anomalies present in the C3, and all are the same efficient type we've been clearing as our first choice. With no capacitor-neutralising ships, no warp disruption, and some battleships to test my torpedoes against it seems like an opportune time to take my newly bought marauder out for combat.

My first configuration for the Golem has an extra-large shield booster fitted. Even though this beast sucks my capacitor dry in a couple of minutes the shield boost amount will be more than enough to cope with any damage the Sleepers can inflict in a standard class 3 w-space anomaly. I already am prepared to pulse the booster when required, it's just a matter of whether I can balance shield with capacitor reserves for the duration of an anomaly. Fin has suggested that I shouldn't test the Golem alone on its first flight, but I bought the marauder to make clearing anomalies by myself more efficient and running solo seems like the best test. I just hope I don't do anything particularly stupid and get it destroyed.

I jump in to the C3 and warp to the first anomaly, chosen because it is the only one of the three that is within d-scan range of the local tower. As much as I'd like to stay hidden, I'd prefer to see if and when the locals wake up as early as possible. At the anomaly I start closing on the first Sleeper battleship, aware that my torpedo boat has limited range, keeping an eye on the incoming damage. I lock the battleship, activate my target painter, and start firing. My torpedoes certainly are much more effective than the heavy missiles of the strategic cruiser, either assault missiles or standard heavies, and the battleship is going to be destroyed far more quickly than were I in my Tengu. But I am also taking more damage.

My slow speed and large signature radius is taking its toll on my shields. The damage from the battleship and three Argos guns is nothing my shield booster can't cope with, but the booster is taking its own toll on my capacitor. In fact, I can't keep both of them balanced, even with pulsing the booster. It is rather disappointing that an advanced battleship cannot withstand the onslaught of a rather basic Sleeper attack, but I think I have my first test complete. I am already aligned to leave and, before the first Sleeper battleship pops and calls in reinforcements, I warp home.

Fin turns up as I jump in to our home system, and my plea that I wasn't shooting Sleepers is not particularly convincing when I warp back to the tower in my Golem. But we discuss the events and what can be tweaked. It's possible we could destroy the Argos guns to lower the incoming damage—we currently leave them because their damage can be tanked, they drop no loot and offer no salvage, and they despawn harmlessly with the site—although that would take more time and ammunition, negating the Golem's advantage somewhat. I modify my fitting a little, swapping the extra-large booster for a merely large booster, still not quite stabilising my capacitor but making it last significantly longer. The large booster may not have quite enough repair capability to overcome the sustained Sleeper damage, though. There's one way to find out, and now I have Fin in my wing to help.

We jump in to the C3 and warp to the anomaly I started, and quickly finish off the Sleeper battleship limping towards us. The next wave consists of cruisers, which we swat to one side. My shield is surviving, if only because Fin has drawn the ire of the Argos guns and I am having to repair almost no damage anyway. The frigates in the final wave create a little trouble, probably because of the two battleships they bring and their tendency to target me. The total damage is greater than my booster can keep up with, but we pop the frigates quickly enough to get the incoming damage back down to manageable levels, before making short work of the target-painted battleships. The Golem really hits the big ships hard, too. I know that the hulls of Sleeper ships are much weaker than their strong armour plating, but to see a battleship be popped from two-thirds hull with a single volley of my torpedoes is mighty impressive.

The first anomaly is cleared. It's more than cleared, it's salvaged too. Whilst continuing to shoot Sleepers my Golem has been using its extended-reach tractor beam to haul wrecks close and salvager to strip the wrecks of their value. The Golem is a most efficient ship. We move on, clearing the other two anomalies in pretty quick time. Including salvage, we are sweeping through the sites about as quickly as we were with three Tengus the other night. In terms of firepower, then, the Golem is about two Tengus' worth, which almost agrees with its cost. Of course, I am not quite at the point of running sites solo, but the Golem looks to complement a strategic cruiser quite nicely indeed. The ability to salvage as we fly will probably be handy too, as we generally fight Sleepers outside of our own system. It removes the fun of piloting a Noctis, but it also removes the inherent danger of salvaging in an unarmed ship.

I have some more training in the marauder spaceship command skill to complete, which will aid my shield boosting capabilities. On top of that, there is a final level of shield compensation to train, which will probably be worth it now that I am piloting more actively tanked ships. It may even be worth buying a deadspace booster for an inordinate amount of ISK, to improve my already stupidly expensive ship. Even so, the Golem is showing itself to be totally effective. I bring home a hundred and fifty million ISK in loot from the three anomalies, all stuffed in to my capacious hold, in what can only be considered a successful test of the Golem. It is starting to pay for itself.

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  2. Nice to read, it turns out the golem works as I expected . . . Are you using shield boost amps? A dread Guristas one gives you 37,5% extra boost for a cost of around 100M if I am not mistaken. That's almost as good as a T2 invulnerability field, without adding to the shield hardening stacking penalty (and without using cap)

    I am curious how the torps work out vs cruisers and frigate sized sleepers . . .

    Finally, your blog is my favorite EVE blog :) I'm quite happe krazykinux added you to the blog pack where I could find you :)

    By Joozd on Apr 15, 2011

  3. Hi, I definitely love reading your blog. Congrats on your new vessel, I fly Golem too but only in level 4 missions in empire.

    If I may recommend you should definitely invest in complex booster. For 900M isk or so you can get Pithum A-Type Medium Shield Booster which from my experiance is well worth the bucket and works perfect on Golem with its bonuses. With maybe HG Crystal Set and 2-3 TPs you can reach GolemĀ“s full potential.

    Fly safe and keep posting about your adventures in WH.

    By Atlan on Apr 16, 2011

  4. Thanks, chaps, for the kind comments and fittings suggestions.

    It's only been fairly recent that I've got comfortable fully fitting ships with T2 modules, and I'm not sure I'm quite ready yet to start buying deadspace modules at another couple of orders of magnitude of increased cost. I'll think about it, though.

    By pjharvey on Apr 16, 2011

  5. Maybe just a few Caldari Navy mods? Have a look at greengimp's fit here:


    for some ideas.

    Of course, when you want to drop 4b you can go the full monty:


    :) Happy hunting, the Golem is a fun ship.

    By Btek on Apr 17, 2011

  6. Phew, that's expensive.

    However, I am using the Golem to engage Sleepers, not run missions or complexes in null-sec (if pilots do that with Golems), which poses two problems. The first is the lack of local channel making it far more dangerous to fly, not having any early warning of possible threats. The second is that Sleepers require an omni-tank, significantly restricting the fitting compared to when shooting rats. I can't just plug a resistance hole and feel safe, and having to harden each resistance makes each mid-slot rather more precious.

    By pjharvey on Apr 17, 2011

  7. I've been running a Golem in Level 4 Missions Solo and I'm using a Heavy Cap Booster to help with the dreaded capacitor issues.
    Granted lately with the resistances trained up I am using maybe 10 800 Booster Charges in a really high damage Mission and none in normal Missions, but before I'd run 20 of the charges through it fairly regularly.
    Definitely will help to put a Faction or Deadspace Booster in it... but T2 XL paired with a Heavy Cap Booster will do the trick too.

    By T on Apr 18, 2011

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