Roaming local w-space

15th June 2011 – 5.56 pm

A bookmark leads me to our static wormhole, but no further. It's up to me to explore the vast new frontier before me today, how exciting! And by 'vast new frontier' I apparently mean 'the same class 3 w-space system we were in only three days ago'. We came, we saw, we shot Sleepers. There was nothing notable about this C3 then and there's nothing notable about it now. A tower is still here and still empty of other pilots, there are no anomalies left in the system, and the few signatures are mostly rocks and gas. Even jumping out through the static exit to low-sec finds a relatively empty system. How dull.

We collapse our wormhole to start again, as Mick arrives to point out on scanning our home system that there are two wormholes here. Maybe I should have looked a bit closer to home for adventure. I snatch copies of bookmarks to the wormholes from Mick and head towards the K162 in our system, which comes from class 3 w-space itself, taking my stealth bomber out on the assumption that the C3 is the origin system of the constellation. And I'll be wrong about that, as I warp my Manticore around looking in vain for occupation, finding only an empty system, much the same as it was three months earlier.

I jump back and warp across the home system towards our new static wormhole, joining Mick in the C3 beyond. A tower and a ship is in this system, the Bestower hauler even piloted. I loiter outside the tower watching the ship closely for an signs of movement as Mick scans the ten signatures present. He resolves a K162 coming from high-sec empire space, the static exit to low-sec, and a third wormhole that's dead on arrival. No more wormholes to resolve, Mick heads back to the C3 connecting in to our home system to find whoever passed through to open the wormhole. I keep watching the Bestower.

There is plenty to find in the other C3, with wormholes coming from and leading to null-sec k-space, and coming from and leading to class 4 w-space. I leave the idle Bestower behind to look for actual activity, following Mick like a puppy to get bookmarks for each of the wormholes. He heads to C4b, a tiny system holding three on-line towers and no ships, I jump in to C4a, finding a tower occupied by blues. At least C4b, being the system connected by the outbound wormhole, has its own static wormhole to find, and I head across there whilst Mick scans.

In case any pilots turn up I want to get the locations of the towers in this C4, but Mick tells me he hasn't looked for them. That's okay, I can do that whilst you resolve the wormhole. And it turns out to be pretty easy, there being three towers here and only three moons in the whole system. I think I can safely guess where the towers are. And the C4 holds a static connection to another C3, which itself is occupied but empty, and a static exit to null-sec.

W-space is all rather disappointing tonight, almost as much as heading back through our home static connection to find the Bestower at the tower now in a different orientation, suggesting he went out to collect planet goo whilst we were distracted in the other direction. Oh well, I don't suppose he'll make a target of himself again, and there's no one else to shoot, so I jump home and park my ship at the fly-in to watch a film.

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