Two days is my limit

27th June 2011 – 7.42 pm

Empire space, day two. I take my Drake out for more missions, to make more ISK and increase my security status a little bit more. I forgot about security status gains yesterday, which are a nice benefit. Unfortunately, it still looks like I will be making a loss today, as my security agent offers me a mining mission. But this is all about the pew pew, I tell him, and he just smiles. 'The first mission is about the 'pew pew', as you endearingly put it, but subsequent missions related to the first one you accept can involve anything. Now bring me some green rocks, I need something to hold down these papers.' Damn him.

At least I have some mad mining skills, enough to pilot a Retriever, which, believe me, is mad enough. But it's not quite mad enough to make me want to travel over a dozen systems out to collect the one Retriever I have in empire space, so I'll buy one. A mining barge is no doubt overkill—overmining?— for this small rock my agent wants, and I could have made do with an Osprey, but I may as well be prepared. And I'm clearly not, as I warp my Retriever in to deadspace to find three battleships and a handful of cruisers waiting for me. I need to clear them first, which needs my Drake battlecruiser.

I head straight back to dock, swap ships, and return to deadspace to find the battleships now gone, the bounty and loot lost to an agent who can't brief me properly. But I destroy the cruisers, along with the extra waves of ships that come in afterwards, letting me get the Retriever back here and spend all of a minute ripping the entire rock in to my hold. I then get a courier mission, eventually a little more combat, another courier task, and finish with a couple more fights to complete the chain of seven missions, still making a loss on the rewards from having bought the mining barge.

Dear diary, empire space is annoying.

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  2. If you were still doing level 3 missions, and that's the mission I'm thinking of, then those would've been some industrial mining ships that you saw (that warp out shortly after you warp in), not battleships.

    By SirPaper on Jun 27, 2011

  3. Ah, of course, it's all coming back to me now too. I just saw the two big red crosses and feared the worst.

    By pjharvey on Jun 28, 2011

  4. Back when I did missions I always just bought the ore unless of course they want some unique stuff in which case its easiest just to turn the mission down.

    By kryn on Jun 30, 2011

  5. The rocks needed were green arisite, or something like that, and my first move was to hit the market. But it's special mission rocks, useful for nothing else, and limited in the asteroid just exactly what the agent asks for. Sadly, I had to mine the rocks to complete the mission, and as it was part of a chain I felt somewhat compelled to continue instead of abandoning it.

    By pjharvey on Jul 1, 2011

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