Getting away from nothing

28th July 2011 – 5.51 pm

Tomorrow never comes, which is particularly annoying if I keep having to promise to myself that these pilots will collect gas tomorrow. I am still in the class 3 w-space system I became isolated in, and have been hoping that the occupants would make nice fat targets of themselves in cruisers armed only with gas harvester modules when they think they were alone. So far all they have done is warp between their two towers and scanned slowly, and today there is currently no one around.

With an empty system I get back to scanning, confirming the bookmarks I have for the gravimetric and ladar sites, along with a couple of magnetometric combat sites, and a new wormhole. At least, the wormhole is new to me, but it is simply the one from yesterday that I didn't bother looking for and is now reaching the end of its natural lifetime. My hopes of a soft kill are raised when a Badger hauler appears in the system, but it doesn't warp out to collect planet goo and chooses instead to stay safe by warping between towers. How novel. It then makes itself even safer by logging out.

I think I've had enough of this system, my explorer spirit wanting to press on and see new sights. Despite the wormhole being nearly dead, and possibly leaving me without a way back here if the destination system is horrible, I poke my nose out to see if I can get to civilisation. Dammit, of course the connection would lead to the Aridia region, about as far from civilisation as you can get without actually docking in Amarr. My best hope now is to return to the C3 wait for the wormhole to die, and get a better exit.

Whilst I am waiting for the death of the wormhole I amuse myself with shooting Sleepers. I don't think my covertly configured Tengu strategic cruiser would be capable of withstanding a full Sleeper attack in an anomaly, but I can pop a few frigates in the local ladar sites. I also deprive the locals of some of their resources in the process, which appeals to my spiteful side. I clear two mining sites of the puny Sleeper presence and loot the wrecks, making a cool million iskies for my troubles, and shooting the wrecks too so that my presence isn't inferred. But I think I've made up my mind that I'm leaving.

The wormhole collapses, I scan for the new one, and exit to be in the welcoming embrace of, well, the Placid region doesn't sound much better than Aridia but I am only one hop from high-sec. I set my nav-comp to guide me back to Caldari space, aiming for my old manufacturing base in The Citadel, and engage the warp drive. I was hoping to get at least one soft kill by staying in that C3 but the locals weren't terribly active, and although I can be patient I also need some stimulation, which generally comes from scanning my way through w-space. I now have to wait for an entrance to the C5 bivouac to make itself known for me to return to my colleagues, but at least I have the whole of New Eden to scan whilst I wait.

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