Fuel and Sleepers

2nd January 2012 – 5.38 pm

No scanning for me today. Glorious leader Fin's on her way back to the home system with a nav-comp full of bookmarks. As she navigates w-space Fin tells me that our neighbouring class 3 system holds wormholes to null-sec k-space, low-sec empire space, and a second C3. The only activity, such that it is, is a lone pilot in a shuttle in C3b. The good news is that C3a's static wormhole leads to a low-sec system that is a mere six hops from Amarr. It sounds like an opportunity to make a fuel run, although the three intervening low-sec systems means we'll be doing it in nothing bigger than Crane transport ships.

I board Tigress III and copy the delivered bookmarks to my systems, heading out as soon as the ponderous chore is complete. Passing through C3a has me updating my notes according to Fin's scouting, as the two towers that were here ten weeks ago are now whittled down to one, its location passed on to me by Fin. My directional scanner shows me that there is still no one home, although I feel pretty safe in my Crane.

I jump out of w-space in to an empty low-sec system, where I set my auto-pilot to guide me to Amarr. The trip is made through more empty systems until I reach high-sec space, making it nicely uneventful. Fin's crunched some numbers about how much fuel we could use and I open the market window to start buying as I make the last couple of jumps, Fin now starting the journey herself. I dock in Amarr, stuff the Crane with fuel, and head out as Fin warps in to the station I'm leaving.

The journey home is livened up slightly by a pilot appearing in low-sec. The stargate flashes in front of me before a Viator transport ship decloaks, perhaps making a similar run to ourselves. He's no threat. W-space looks as quiet as we left it and I get home to dump the fuel in to storage. Another Crane-load remains in Amarr to collect, with Fin on her way home, so I go out for a second trip, only notable for the pod I see on a stargate and crossing paths with the same Viator again. Our combined trips fill the tower with a month of fuel and some excess, which will keep us going nicely.

A short roam in a stealth bomber makes w-space look quiet indeed, even the shuttle disappeared from C3b, a system where I popped a Noctis recently, before stealing salvage until a battlecruiser interrupted me. There are no pilots out shooting Sleepers today, but maybe there should be. Our three-system constellation is empty and C3a holds three decent anomalies we could plunder. Fin and I swap to Tengu strategic cruisers and go for a romp next door.

I'm a bit careless in anomaly selection. I arbitrarily managed to pick the one of the three which is in d-scan range of the tower, leaving wrecks behind for any new pilot to see immediately and before we could know about them. Thankfully no one wakes up as we shoot Sleepers in the other two anomalies, but this is the kind of circumstance I should be paying more attention to. We get away with it today, and we return in Noctis salvagers to collect our pillaged loot, bringing a decent but unspectacular 120M ISK in profit back to our tower to end a simple and pleasant evening.

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