Mundane missioning

29th February 2012 – 5.29 pm

It's been a few hours since I took a look, so I'm hoping the dying wormhole has now collapsed. I return to space, jump to our neighbouring class 3 w-space system, and warp to the bookmark where the static exit to low-sec empire space was wobbling earlier. For once, I'm glad to drop out of warp in to empty space. The wormhole is gone, a new one is out there to replace it. After checking that the local tower remains empty I launch probes to see what opportunity the new exit will give me.

The new static wormhole sits directly above the tower, which is convenient. I don't have far to warp across this big system until I'm jumping to low-sec, where I appear in the Dastryns system in the Placid region. My route to a mission base, where I already have a ship mothballed, so I won't need to waste time buying a new one, doesn't look short. Even so, the journey looks simple. I am one hop from contiguous high-sec space, which will make travelling simple and relatively quick. I won't be scanning for any short-cut wormholes tonight.

Crossing between three regions in three hops is quite striking, with the nebulae changing as I jump borders, although the dull grey mist of Lonetrek is rather dreary in comparison to every other region I've visited recently. But I'm not here to admire the scenery. I dock at my old mission base and strike up a conversation with an agent. I wonder if all this time spent away will affect our relationship, but it doesn't seem like it. He still hates me. Asking for a mission from this security agent has him wanting some green arisite, the shithead making me mine ore for him as my first task back. I get a nagging feeling that he did this to me before too.

At least I remember to take my combat ship out to the deadspace site first, and not my mining barge. I get to shoot some minor rats first, wreaking destruction before coming back in the over-capable Retriever to pull the rock in to my hold. And so I continue with the chain of missions, my agent apparently wise to my attempt to gain security status as the primary reason for running missions, as he feeds me mission after mission where I'm shooting bountiless drone ships. I might go a bit bonkers if I didn't have the help and company of a Japanese rock star.

I persevere with the first chain of missions, finishing it off pretty quickly but with almost negligible gain to my security status, and ask for more missions in a desperate bid to feel like I'm going to accomplish something tonight. And I get asked to shoot more drones, and more drones after that. This isn't funny. Where are the extravangazas and barricades that feed me wave after wave of big bounty ships? I finally get a couple of missions that have real rats to pop, but they are puny and barely worth my time. Yet the missions still take time, and my time has run out.

I still have to get home, so I bid farewell to my agent by punching him in the throat and get back in to my covert Tengu strategic cruiser. Jump, jump, jump. I hop from system to system, wondering if it is required by law to have a yellow-skulled Hurricane battlecruiser loitering on one side of each stargate. The only excitement of the evening comes from having a scout from our sister class 5 system find his way to C3b, where he picks up our corporate bookmarks and finds his way to our home. It doesn't happen often, but our two systems link in w-space. Sadly, it's too late for me to take a transport and steal all their fuel blocks and faction ammunition, so I just give Mick a wave before hitting the sack.

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