Scanning for celebrity

17th July 2012 – 5.55 pm

I've a blank slate today. A tabula rasa, if you will. No bookmarks, no registered sites in the home system, and nothing on my directional scanner. Let's see what I can find out there. Rocks, a radar site, and the static wormhole is all that's at home, ignoring the slowly increasing pile of anomalies, but it's our neighbouring class 3 w-space system that looks exciting. A Retriever mining barge, Mammoth hauler, Probe frigate, and Badger hauler all look lovely and squishy, even if they're probably at the tower also on d-scan. I want to find them and see if they're piloted, because they may not stay at the tower.

I have no notes to guide me to the tower, but it's straightforward to find, being around a planet with a single moon. That's good, because instead of increasing my expectations it lets me realise my disappointment early, when I see all of the ships are empty. The tower's rather undefended, though, lacking anything but shield hardeners for protection, which is a little incautious but not as bad as some I've seen. But even I'm not going to lay siege to a tower in w-space by myself, so there's not much I can do but snort in derision for a few minutes.

Oh, hello. The tower is owned by INQ-E, the corporation of SynCaine and housing Cyndre. I appear to have stumbled in to their system, although I think it is now their secondary system, and if they are in the midst of moving it perhaps explains why there are few defences and no pilots. I can still hope to pop me a celebrity, though, so I explore and scan, finding a second tower still with no pilots, and my probes revealing ten anomalies and eight signatures. I think it's worth resolving all of them. Rocks, rocks, rocks, gas, and four wormholes is a decent result, although I don't suppose the rocks will be visited when the system is so connected. Or when there are no local pilots on-line.

The wormholes are a handy K162 from high-sec empire space, a nifty K162 from class 2 w-space, the obvious static exit to low-sec, and a K162 from class 4 w-space that looks oddly familiar, as if I've recently been there. I check the exit to high-sec first, appearing in a system in the Bleak Lands with nothing interesting happening, before returning to C3a and heading in to C2a. Mining drones on d-scan almost get me interested, but even I realise that no ships means no mining. My notes put me here four days ago—that's three space days—when I diverted here looking for some C5ers' route to empire space, letting me know that the system has static connections to class 3 w-space and high-sec empire space. I also have the location of a tower listed, which is out of range of the two d-scan is showing me.

Much like a few days ago, the two towers in the centre of the system hold no ships, which is why I didn't care to find them before. But, unlike a few days ago, the farther tower also doesn't hold ships, and so I'm scanning again. Four anomalies and four signatures don't take long to sort through, giving me some rocks—where the drones are—gas, and the second wormhole, which leads to the Heimatar region and still nothing interesting. I jump back to C2a and return to C3a, where not much continues to happen. Let me make myself a drink.

Okay, anything? Nope? Okay. I don't mind, I have a drink to sup. I see Cyndre come on-line and, thanks to a neat safe spot I've created that lets me monitor both towers at once, I keep udpating d-scan in the hopes that he is in this system, but it looks like he's not here today. I give him until I finish my drink to appear and act foolishly, but there's still nothing when my glass is empty. Right, I'm going to low-sec to make my own adventure. Turn to the next paragraph!

C3a's static exit leads to a system in the Citadel region bereft of other pilots, letting me rat and scan. Or it would, if there were any rocks here. All I see is an ice field, although it turns out rats frequent rocks of ice as much as rocks of, um, rock, even if there are only some puny frigates floating around at the moment. It's the only rock field in the system so it will have to do. I pop, pop, pop the frigates and launch probes to scan, and despite four extra signatures being a promising start there are no more wormholes to find. I recall my probes and take one last look through the w-space constellation, but no pilots have woken up to blearily collect planet goo. It's just another quiet evening in w-space.

  1. 3 Responses to “Scanning for celebrity”

  2. Heh. If you were a regular reader of Syncaine or Cyndre's blogs you'd know the corp has moved to a different wormhole and you've found all that remains. Feel free to camp it waiting for them to appear but it won't happen. :-)

    By Maineiac on Jul 18, 2012

  3. Sometimes it's just too quiet, isn't it?

    By Afandi on Jul 18, 2012

  4. It can feel that way, Afandi.

    My journal lags by a little over a month, Maineiac. I read both blogs, and although I'm sure they've fully moved out by now I think they were maybe at the end stages of moving at the time I entered their C3.

    By pjharvey on Jul 18, 2012

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