Content with scanning a way home

1st April 2013 – 5.55 pm

All looks quiet, and it probably is. My scanning probes show just some anomalies and our static wormhole in the home system, giving me one way to go to find trouble. Or get in to it. I warp to the wormhole and jump to our neighbouring class 3 w-space system. My directional scanner is clear from the K162 in C3a, and the tower that was present fifteen months ago is now gone, but a blanket scan with combat probes shows two ships elsewhere in the system. I warp off to find them.

D-scan shows me that the two ships are a Manticore stealth bomber and Enyo assault frigate, as well as a there being a tower out here. Locating the tower is straightforward and, surprisingly, I see the two ships piloted. They are both rather small and ineffective to be capable of much by themselves in a class 3 w-space system, particularly with the Manticore not being cloaked, but maybe they can be enterprising. I wait and watch them for a while.

The Enyo disappears as I focus what attention I can muster on the Manticore, probably the pilot having gone off-line. The Manticore pilot himself swaps to a Merlin frigate, back to the Manticore, and goes off-line too. Well, wasn't that fun. I'll scan the nine anomalies and twelve signatures my blanket scan revealed. Gas, wormhole, gas, gas, rocks, gas, gas, gas, magnetometric site, rocks, and rocks. I list them all because, unusually for me, I fully resolve each signature and bookmark every site. I'm sure that will become important.

So just the sole wormhole in C3a, which will be its static exit to low-sec empire space. I pass through it ostensibly to bookmark the K162, to aid Aii's return home from high-sec, but also so that I can scan for more wormholes. I appear in a system in Metropolis, which looks a bit crappy to me—but most low-sec systems do, I suppose—and launch probes to scan. Two extra signatures are both 'unknown' types, one resolving to be an Angel Outpost, the other a wormhole, which is good, or I'd bemoan again how stupid low-sec can be.

Warping to the wormhole in low-sec is a disappointment, though. The K162 from class 3 w-space may not offer much in itself, perhaps already being a dead end, but that it's also at the end of its life makes it pretty much useless for me. So now what? I could head home and crash our static wormhole, looking to start again. Of course, this would erase all the scanning effort it took to fully resolve all the sites in the current C3a, which is generally why, along with my being able to hunt effectively with d-scan, I rarely do that any more.

Either way, I'm not doing anything else in low-sec, so I return to w-space. In C3a, I bounce off the tower but see no one new having come on-line, so head homewards and consider killing our wormhole. But Aii halts me, saying that the Metropolis connection works for him. That sounds like mission accomplished to me. And with nothing more to do tonight, I hide in a quiet corner of the home system and go off-line.

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