Quiet night at home

19th June 2013 – 5.51 pm

So tired, so sleepy. That's kinda normal though, and I'm probably only at about 80%, which is good enough for a roam through w-space. Splash some pod goo on my face, crack open a window, and I'm good to go. Or I would be, except for the complete lack of bookmarks for the home system. Launching probes and blanketing the system reveals three anomalies and one signature, which naturally resolves to be the static wormhole. It's so tidy here I feel a need to see if I can make a mess elsewhere.

I don't get far. Dropping out of warp next to our static wormhole sees the connection in its death throes. Or, I suppose, it's dotage. It's hard to tell with wormholes. It could hold on to life like an estranged alcoholic who seems adamant in not bequeathing anything to living relatives, or it could pop its clogs like a goldfish brought home from the fair. Considering there are no signs of a K162 in the home system it's possible the wormhole has only a few breaths left, so I wander away from the keyboard to get a drink and hope for the best.

Nope, the wormhole's still here. That's a couple of polarisation cycles gone to waste, almost enough to have killed it with my bare hands. Still, I've waited this long, it would be the complete opposite of being stubborn and obstinate not to wait longer. Thankfully, to rescue me from myself, Aii turns up. And we have anomalies to plunder. Let's do that.

A pair of Tengu strategic cruisers warp from our tower and in to the first anomaly, after I've assured Aii that we'll be fine. Fin and I do this occasionally and almost never explode as a result. And, naturally, it is fine. The anomalies are as anomalies are, and we rake through the Sleepers without any trouble, and without any interruption from other capsuleers.

Raining missiles on Sleepers in class 4 w-space

Two anomalies are cleared of Sleeper ships, now to clear them of the Sleeper wrecks. Tengus are swapped for Noctis salvagers, and we split up to be more vulnerable. I mean, efficient. To be more efficient. It's smooth sailing on my end. Of course, I don't use one salvager per wreck when I can help it, but, even so, I think not getting a single failed cycle is a good result. The actual loot is pretty average, though.

I swap back to my cloaky Loki strategic cruiser and launch scanning probes, blanketing the system again to see a disappointing lack of change. It's good that there are no new connections coming in to our system, although seeing that we've finished with the Sleepers it probably wouldn't be so bad if any did, but the only signature alongside the now-sole anomaly remains the wobbly static wormhole.

There was plenty of time to collapse the wormhole with massive ships, it seems. We may probably still need to do so if we want it to die and give us exploration opportunities. But I'm happy with having made a nice chunk of iskies from the Sleepers. Besides, I'd rather ignore the wormhole out of spite now. It can glare at me all it wants, but I'm going to lie down on a cosy bed of ISK and get some sleep.

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