Ignoring a whole system

20th June 2013 – 5.52 pm

If that wormhole hasn't died yet, I'm just going to shoot it until it does. That'll work, either in killing it or working out my frustration. Thankfully, and somewhat obviously, being well over half-a-day after the wormhole was seen in its dying stages, the old static connection is gone. Long live the new static connection! I resolve the replacement, warp to it, and jump through the healthy wormhole to our neighbouring class 3 w-space system, looking for some action.

A tower is visible on my directional scanner from the K162, but I'm more interested in the Iteron also there. Is the hauler piloted? Preparing to collect planet goo? I want to find out. My notes help me warp directly to the tower, with it being in the same position as three months ago, which lets me quickly see that the Iteron is empty. Okay, I can relax a bit. D-scan from the tower sees nothing additional, so I warp out, launch probes, and perform a blanket scan of the system.

Five anomalies and twelves signatures appear under my probes, and my notes also tell me that the static wormhole leads to null-sec. That's not great, but perhaps preferable to deadly high-sec empire space. I start scanning, identifying gas, gas, gas, gas, gas—you know, I'm sensing a pattern here—rocks, gas, rocks, a weak wormhole, rocks—is that twelve yet?—and more rocks. That's a pretty dull result. I'm glad I was able to share it.

The wormhole to null-sec is in pristine condition, and leads to a system in the Catch region that has a dozen pilots. At least one is ratting, judging by the number of wrecks on d-scan, which makes at least one of them scurrying back to his tower right now, but I have no interest in seeing how many are actively looking for trouble. I should kill our static wormhole and start again.

A couple of passes with an Orca industrial command ship, a couple of passes with a Widow black ops ship, and the wormhole gives up the ghost. That was all a lot of time ultimately for nothing. Even so, now that the wormhole is dead, I can't help but at least look through its replacement, just in case there is a soft target waiting to be ambushed. I get back in to my cloaky Loki strategic cruiser, launch probes, and resolve the wormhole that takes me to another class 3 system.

There nothing on d-scan this time, but that turns out to be less of a surprise when opening the system map. One planet is in range, the outermost in the system, and it has no moons. The next-closest planet is nearly 100 AU away, and the distance to the farthest planet is over 172 AU, and that's with only four planets in the system. Scanning may take a couple of passes with my probes. A blanket scan over the planet near the wormhole reveals only the wormhole, and covering the rest of the system has no anomalies, four signatures, and six ships.

My notes list occupation which has moved on since fourteen months ago, and I update my notes with the current occupation, being guided to it by the ships under my probes. They are all empty, the Dominix battleship, Vexor cruiser, Catalyst destroyer, Iteron hauler, Venture mining frigate, and Imicus frigate, and scanning reveals just the one wormhole again. As there aren't many signatures, a Venture is floating at the tower, and the size of the system makes covert operations much easier, I resolve the one rock and two gas sites, hoping for the locals to appear later and be obliviously industrious.

That'll be all I'm up to for now. Collapsing wormholes takes the wind out of my sails, which is a hindrance when flying Minmatar ships. I don't even care to take a look at the static exit to low-sec. I don't want to engage any pilots there, and scanning will only lead to more exploration and, probably, more scanning. No, it's time for a sammich. I can come back later to roam.

  1. 5 Responses to “Ignoring a whole system”

  2. Where are you finding ore that needs to be probed???

    By Rabbit on Jun 21, 2013

  3. In pre-Odyssey EVE Online. It generally takes a few weeks to reverse-engineer the code on to the private server, so please just bear with the occasional anachronism for now.

    By pjharvey on Jun 21, 2013

  4. Where did you find a private server???

    By Rabbit on Jun 22, 2013

  5. That's private.

    Naw, I'm just kidding. I write too much, and this has caused my posts to lag reality by six weeks or so. The pains of no-exploration Odyssey will be coming in a bit.

    By pjharvey on Jun 22, 2013

  6. AHAHAHAHA I figured

    With that mystery solved, I'm off to enjoy your latest. o7

    By Rabbit on Jun 24, 2013

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