Getting a varied New Eden experience

24th June 2013 – 5.33 pm

I have limited time this evening. Open every wormhole! An extra signature at home gives me no such luck as an easy route to activity, as it is just a new pocket of gas. That should please Aii, though, although maybe not as much as the Navy Megathron kill we got yesterday. For me, it's just the static wormhole that's interesting. Let's see what's on the other side.

My directional scanner is clear from our K162. Opening the system map shows why, with only one planet in range and the system sprawling 60 AU in one direction and 36 AU the other. My notes from around six months ago point me towards a tower, so I align my cloaky Loki strategic cruiser in that direction and spew some probes out of their launcher. Performing a blanket scan whilst warping towards the tower isn't as interesting as reading my notes again. It seems I'm back in the system with the shattered planet.

A shattered planet, ho-hum

That's interesting, I suppose, but I've been to the system a few times already and taken a good look at the shattered planet before. As I don't have much time I don't really feel like sightseeing today, so the view from where the tower remains will be as close as I get. But before I get my teeth in to the nine anomalies and eleven signatures, an update to d-scan shows a second tower in the system, now that I'm range of more than one planet. The second tower even looks like it's around the moon of the shattered planet. I suppose I am getting closer to it after all.

Okay, I'll get closer to the shattered planet

Now to look for wormholes. Sifting through the signatures gives me rocks, gas, and a chubby wormhole that won't be the static exit to high-sec. In fact, it won't be anything, as warping to the resolved signature lands me in empty space. An echo of a now-dead wormhole or my sensors playing tricks on me, I dunno. Whatever, a wormhole with a weaker signature will be the static connection, and it's all I'm getting from C3a. I'm going to high-sec.

C3a spits me out to The Citadel, a mere five hops to Jita. Maybe someone else can use this connection, I'm scanning. And scanning is quick in a system with no other signatures than that of the wormhole I've just used. But high-sec lets me hop systems relatively safely, now that I've worked out how not to shoot my guns when Concord are watching, so I move one system across and try again. One signature, this time. Gurista rats.

Scanning a cov-ops boat sitting on a wormhole in high-sec

Moving on again, the next high-sec system also has one signature, and although it's an 'unknown' type I doubt it's a wormhole with a ship coincident with it. It's probably more rats. Or a wormhole with a ship on it. I warp to what is an M555 outbound connection to class 5 w-space, and one where a scout has just gone in, or come out. Or warped to, got scared, and warped away from again. It's kinda hard to tell. I'm going in, though.

There's a Jaguar on the K162 in C5a, and a tower, Orca industrial command ship, Moros dreadnought, and Tengu strategic cruiser on d-scan. The assault frigate's pilot is definitely awake, as he appears to be negotiating with the locals for passage through the convenient high-sec wormhole, but, what the hell, I'm going to shoot it. I decloak, gain a positive lock, and get my autocannons chattering.

Opportunistic shots at a Jaguar on a high-sec wormhole

I only get three rounds fired before the startled Jaguar jumps to the safety of high-sec, which was inevitable. I can't say I'm surprised or disappointed by the result. And I doubt anything more will happen in C5a that doesn't involve my being chased or hunted, so I go back to high-sec too. The Jaguar sees me exit C5a and mocks my puny damage, which must make him pretty brave for fleeing as fast as he can from damage he considers puny. Whatever, dude, it's not like I expected to break a Tech II ship with my first few shots.

So why did you run so quickly?

I ignore this system and the Jaguar to move on, as my time is running low. In fact, with my time almost up I'm moving back. I cross two high-sec systems, get back to C3a, and return home. It was a short excursion, but I still saw the rare sight of a shattered planet, shot another ship, and got insulted. Another successful evening.

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