Wormholes don't just connect w-space

7th September 2013 – 3.48 pm

I'm hoping today that explosions will come sooner than it takes to strip down an entire tower and almost relocate to a new one. With just the static wormhole in the home system I have an obvious direction to travel, and our neighbouring class 3 w-space system has ships visible on my directional scanner. Maybe I can shoot one of them. Switching overviews and updating d-scan doesn't get my hopes up, as I don't see any wrecks, and opening the system map shows me nowhere out of range to hide so I can launch probes. I'll just do it quickly and hope for the best.

An Imicus frigate appears on d-scan, to join the four other ships in the system, as I launch probes. I whisk them out of the system and perform a blanket scan, revealing two anomalies and nine signatures, then warp around locating the two towers. One has a pod that was recently a Tengu strategic cruiser, the Imicus, and an Augoror cruiser all piloted, the other has an empty Venture mining frigate. I'll be loitering outside the first tower.

The pod gets back in to the Tengu, the Imicus warps away and drops off d-scan. Maybe I should scan for wormholes rather than wait for something to happen. It's easy too. Within a minute I have a wormhole where the Imicus headed, as well as a second wormhole, chubby, probably a K162. That's good enough for me, so I hide my probes again and reconnoitre the two wormholes.

The first is the system's static exit to low-sec, leading out to Molden Heath where there's no sign of the Imicus or its pilot. The system isn't close to a hub either, so wherever the Imicus has gone it may not be back soon. Still, I can scan the system as normal, watching for an orange pilot to appear, and I launch probes to see what the four extra signatures are. Relics, data, and two wormholes is a good result, and I am ready to see what they are when the K162 from C3a crackles.

Helios jumps from low-sec to w-space

A Helios covert operations boat appears near me, not orange and so probably not from C3a itself, and jumps back to w-space. I don't give chase. A minute's wait doesn't have anyone else come this way, so I warp off to what the wormholes are. One leads from this low-sec system to another low-sec system, which is pretty pointless, more so when jumping through puts me nowhere nearer a trade hub, just in Domain this time. Back in the first low-sec system, the second wormhole actually comes from w-space, but the connection to another class 3 system is at the end of its life.

Still no oranges have appeared, so it's back to C3a to see what's happening. The Tengu is now a Loki, although the new strategic cruiser looks to be a new contact in the second tower. Also, the wormhole signatures have either swapped or I deleted the wrong rough bookmark when creating the bookmark for the low-sec exit. Silly Penny. Okay, I launch probes and scan a second time, at least knowing which signature I'm aiming for specifically this time.

The second wormhole is barely worth scanning for, being a K162 from null-sec. But I scanned it, I'm going to use it. I exit to a system in the Branch region, where none of the three pilots matches that of the Helios I saw. One extra signature calls to me, though, and resolving it resolves a wormhole, which hilariously is an outbound connection to low-sec. Apparently I don't want to be roaming w-space today. I'll take the hint, and exit null-sec to go to low-sec again.

Two extra signatures are in the system in Derelik. One is a combat site, with heavy assault cruiser included, and the second is a wormhole. A good wormhole? Oh my, no. It's an outbound link to high-sec. I take a look anyway, because why not, and appear four hops from Jita in The Forge. Fine, I'll go shopping. I think I recently mentioned needing some modules. What were they again?

Right, a cargo scanner for an analysing cov-ops. I'll buy more than one, for the inevitable refits, pullings of the wrong ship from the hangar, and ship explosions, as well as some extra modules and ammunition that I can cram in to my Loki. That'll do. And I think that'll do for this afternoon's exploration. I head back across high-sec, in to low-sec, null-sec, and back to w-space, making it home to refit a Buzzard as an analysing boat, before going off-line for a sammich. Maybe something more interesting will happen later.

W-space constellation schematic

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