Sleepers seeing off strangers

17th December 2013 – 5.34 pm

I'm heading home, ready to call it a night, but happy to help crash our static wormhole to let Aii chomp on some rocks in relative safety. Hold on, though. The dumbscovery scanner is showing me a new signature in the home system. New sites don't appear with as much regularity as wormholes, so I think I can guess what the signature will be. I tell Aii not to warp the Orca industrial command ship out of our tower just yet. 'Crap.' Well, if you're out, do it. Just be alert.

And alert Aii is. Updating his directional scanner, my colleague sees something I missed. 'Gallente advanced cruiser wreck on d-scan, along with three Sleeper wrecks.' Hah, that'll teach him to mess with our sites. Losing a Proteus strategic cruiser won't be cheap, and I doubt he was able to eject to save his skill points either.

Aii makes the round trip through our static wormhole as I scan and resolve the new one, checking our sites for wrecks before warping to the right one. I'd first like to see if the pilot has come back to loot his wreck, because it may be worth snagging it ourselves. The anomaly is easily found, but warping in sees the Proteus wreck empty, already stripped of surviving modules, as well as some suitably smug-looking Sleepers. Good boys, have a biscuit.

Sleepers looking smug over a Proteus wreck

The Sleeper battleships the Proteus managed to destroy before falling victim to the drones aren't looted, though. We can have that. I grab the loot from one, Aii, now back and in his covert Tengu strategic cruiser, grabs the other, netting us what may be a measly ten million ISK but is a measly ten million ISK better off than we were a minute ago. But as I watch Aii loot the second wreck whilst I sit in my perch, I update my directional scanner to see an Onyx heavy interdictor appear in the system.

Onyx heavy interdictor appears on d-scan in the home system

Is Aii in danger? It seems doubtful, but it's better to be safe than sorry, particularly now that a Dominix battleship is also visible on d-scan. I warp to check the new wormhole—finally—only to land in empty space. Now the pairing of the ships makes sense. The HIC and battleship were finishing off collapsing their connection to our killer system, clearly not liking their time spent in our home. As it should be.

The incoming connection has imploded, now to do the same to our static wormhole. Or should we? There are no ore sites in the home system, so what are we to do? The arrival of our glorious leader condenses our choices. We can kill our wormhole so that we can kill some Sleepers. Where the others failed we shall succeed. We can even salvage the wreck of the Proteus in the process.

First, collapse our wormhole. Done. Nice and smooth. Now we swap to our Sleeper Tengus and warp to the started but unfinished anomaly, which is cleared without any drama. I don't see what the Proteus's problem was. All the pilot needed to do was add two more ships to his fleet and he'd have been fine. I now abandon my colleagues, letting them warp ahead to the next anomaly, to jump in to a Noctis salvager. I don't know when the Proteus was reduced to rubble, but I'd rather its wreck didn't disintegrate before we can rip it apart ourselves.

Clearing up what the Proteus couldn't

I sweep up the mess in the first site, bagging some crappy salvage but essentially all the loot that we would have got normally. We lost nothing from the incursion, and gained the impetus to make more ISK. That's a good exchange. Now back in to a Tengu to join my colleagues to clear the two remaining favoured anomalies, before splitting up in a pair of salvagers to clean up. Still the loot gathered is relatively poor, but we end up 200 Miskies better off for our efforts.

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