Backwards to null-sec relics

23rd January 2014 – 5.41 pm

Just the one signature to check in the home system, and it's not the static wormhole. My glorious leader scanned and resolved the replacement wormhole last night, after we collapsed the first, and that bookmark still seems valid. This other signature is also a wormhole, as it turns out, a K162 from class 5 w-space, giving me an alternative direction to explore this evening. I think I'll do that, as any capsuleer knows that K162s are the wormholes holding activity these days.

My directional scanner is clear from the wormhole in C5a, and a red giant burns far in the background. Launching probes and performing a blanket scan of the system reveals nine anomalies, fourteen signatures, and precisely no ships, which doesn't give me hope for finding activity. A lack of occupation, though, makes me think that I'll find another K162. And I do, a K162 leading back to more class 5 w-space. Obviously. I don't think there are any more, right until I resolve the final signature, which also gives me a K162 from null-sec. But, unless I'm somehow mistaken, that's not w-space.

In to C5b, and d-scan is clear again. Another blanket scan shows me eight anomalies, fourteen signatures, and still no ships. Haven't I just been here? No sign of occupation makes me think so, but my declining sanity insists I did actually jump through a wormhole to another system, so I get down to scanning. There's the wormhole I'm expecting, but this one leads out to null-sec and doesn't help with exploring w-space. I've travelled backwards in to a dead chain opened by some tourist. What a dick.

I poke through the K162 to null-sec to appear in a system in Curse, and although there are other signatures to resolve there are also other pilots. I'm pretty sure I have the luxury of avoiding them, so head back to w-space, across C5b to C5a, and out of the first null-sec K162 to Feythabolis. This time it's just me in the system, with one other signature, so I launch probes to scan as I warp to a rock field to rat. I could gain a bit of security status, given my recent indiscretions in low-sec.

Ratting in Feythabolis

The signature resolves to be a relic site, which won't take me back to w-space but may be worth clearing for some juicy loot. I pop the rat I find and take myself homewards to grab a hacking covert operations boat, fit for the task. As I do, Aii comes on-line. I give him a sitrep, and he asks if he can come along to help clear up the spewing loot. Of course, but it's pretty boring. I try to make that clear, as he'll just be watching my Buzzard float next to a relic and then try to grab small packages of coal as they float away, but Aii remains keen. Okay then.

Relic site in null-sec

I return to null-sec, warp to the relic site, and scan each of the containers. It's just salvage. Not good salvage either, just some standard parts that have probably shaken off a Minmatar cruiser in normal flight. Still, I'm here, I may as well hack the containers and grab what I can. So that's what I do. I crack the cans, loot flies around my Buzzard and Aii's strategic cruiser, and we catch what we can.

Aii helps me collect the loot spew

The system remains empty as we clear the site, bagging about twenty million ISK in loot, which I don't think is enough to want to call it 'bagging'. But I learn on the way back that this is Aii's first time seeing the new hacking mechanics, and he is pretty stoked to have experienced it at last. That's good, and in that case I'm glad he was around to come along. One day we'll even find some good loot in one of them. Not in that site, and not tonight either. That's all I've got in me for tonight, so I leave Aii with our static wormhole to explore through, and go off-line.

  1. 2 Responses to “Backwards to null-sec relics”

  2. 28 C5 sigs, nobody there, and you didn't suck some gas? Sure it's boring, but it pays better and at least you can surf the web while you do it.

    By Von Keigai on Jan 23, 2014

  3. It's not just boring to me, it feels like I'm doing nothing. I appreciate that many other players find some solace or pleasure in gassing or mining, but I'd almost always rather be doing something elsewhere, even if it means turning off the computer.

    Clearly this influences my impression of the many new passive features introduced recently. I much prefer direct interaction in my games.

    By pjharvey on Jan 23, 2014

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