Speed scanning

6th February 2014 – 5.46 pm

I only have time for a short session tonight. This calls for extreme exploration! Speed-scanning, action only. Let's see what I can do. There's nothing for me to do in the home system but leave, so I resolve our static wormhole and go. How's that for a speedy start? You can express your admiration as ISK donations.

A tower and no ships in the neighbouring class 3 w-space system is about as scant a result as the system itself. Two planets, one 50 AU from the other, and two anomalies and five signatures spread thinly between them. The black hole must be getting ever closer.

Two-planet system in w-space

I locate the tower and start to scan the, uh, seven signatures? And an Astero frigate has appeared near the tower. It looks like the constellation is waking up. I concentrate my probes to look for the Astero's origin, but it's probably not the dying wormhole from null-sec. Maybe the static exit to low-sec. A healthy null-sec K162 is a weak possibility. Finally, a K162 from low-sec, the most likely option.

Determining the origin of the frigate is rather pointless when the Astero is no longer visible, neither are scanning probes, so it's back to general exploration. The healthy connection to null-sec takes me to where four Tengu strategic cruisers are ratting in Cobalt Edge. I leave them to it. The low-sec K162 comes from an active faction warfare system in Black Rise, and the static exit to low-sec a less-active faction warfare system in Black Rise.

The less-active system also has three extra signatures that almost beg to be scanned. Two wormholes and a relic site is the result, and apart from checking the other side of the K162 from high-sec—it leads to a high-sec island—I'm only really interested in the w-space connection. The C3 K162 is almost interesting too, as drones say hi to me when I enter the system. Not literally, of course, but they do.

Drones greet me on a wormhole to low-sec

There is no obvious owner of the drones, neither on the wormhole or visible on d-scan, just a tower. Sticking with my plan, I launch probes and whiz through the seven anomalies and ten signatures for extra connections, finding just the one, and a K162 from high-sec at that. The wormhole comes in from Lonetrek, and although it's a pretty convenient system in Lonetrek tonight is not the night for high-sec treks.

And I suppose that's it. Without scanning more empire space systems I have exhausted the wormhole options available. There was a hint of w-space activity in the initial sighting of the Astero, but nothing since then, not even a second look at the frigate. I can't complain, though. Even with only a short session, I've accomplished about as much as an average night in w-space. I feel I should learn something from this.

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