Three against the Sleepers

29th March 2014 – 3.54 pm

My glorious leader is on-line. What's up, Fin? 'Just trying to clean out some signatures.' So... 'sucking gas, basically.' Well, we have some decent anomalies, which I mentioned to myself in passing a day or so ago, and an ever-present need to make more ISK to fuel our machine. Maybe we should sweep through the Sleeper population with all guns blazing. 'Agreed.' And here's HR to join the party. Excellent.

By 'all guns', I do, of course, mean missile launchers. Who uses guns against Sleepers? So Fin and HR board paired Tengu strategic cruisers, and I stubbornly hop in to the Golem marauder, still fit with short-range torpedoes and a micro jump drive. I'm sure it will be fine, and I won't spend ages trying to get in to a decent position. Right?

In to the first anomaly, Fin leading HR, me doing my own thing, and we warp in different directions. Is this a bad start? 'Nah.' Just normal, then. 'We are immortal, remember?' I think that's a technicality, and doesn't apply to our ships, but we get ourselves orientated properly and in to the same anomaly, where the first wave of Sleepers is cleared smoothly. It better be, it doesn't get much simpler.

The second wave, however, is a minor disaster for the incompetent Golem pilot. Micro-jumping in to completely the wrong position, pressing the wrong button to put the Golem in to bastion mode instead of making a correcting jump, and only getting in to a relatively suitable position once the two Tengus have almost popped the second wave. But 'almost' means I have something to do when I finally move in the right direction, and at least my colleagues aren't relying on me.

My continued failure with the MJD shows how genuinely rubbish I am right now, enough to prompt Fin to ask if it's time for me to switch from torpedoes to the longer-range cruise missiles. 'Naw', says HR, 'they be dying'. I'm probably just rusty anyway, and the second anomaly is my chance to prove this. The first wave is the first wave, and the jumps in to the second wave are better. Some would even say good. Like me. I'd say it was good. The second wave is ripped apart by torpedoes and heavy missiles alike.

Three capsuleers against the Sleepers

Back to mediocrity with the third wave in the second anomaly. It's only angles in three-dimensional space, it shouldn't be this difficult. Still, I keep my spirit up as we push on to the next site, and I think my poor performance so far really is just a lack of recent experience. A little bit of practice means that my jump in to the second wave splits the battleships equally, planting my Golem right in the middle of them. I drop in to the third wave almost perfectly too. Yeah.

I keep up the excellence in the fourth anomaly, or at least suppress the mediocrity, and we clear that and the fifth anomaly smoothly, no hiccups. All in all, the bastion torpedo Golem remains a good performer, if requiring a bit more skill and effort than a long-range platform. I'm happy with it. At least sweeping up in Noctis salvagers is a piece of cake. No one bothers us, and we pull in about half-a-billion ISK in loot and salvage, which we stash away to realise when we have a good connection to empire space. That won't be tonight. I've had my fun, as has HR, and Fin is happy to get back to huffing gas to finish the evening.

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