Sleepers, thousands of them

25th April 2014 – 5.56 pm

Fin's sleeping. Sleepering. Shooting Sleepers. She nearly wasn't, having been isolated in empire space yesterday, and thanks me for the convenient route back home through a wormhole two systems from Amarr. It was my pleasure, I suppose. And with a closed system and a bunch of anomalies it looks like a good opportunity to join my glorious leader in killing some Sleepers for ISK.

Of course, Fin is in the Golem marauder, being thoroughly sensible and taking the most solo-capable ship in to the home system's anomalies, putting me in a Tengu strategic cruiser for tonight. That's fine by me, as it all contributes to the destruction, and I get to zoom around spewing missiles instead of sitting still and spewing missiles.

Tengu vs. Sleeper battleship, with help from a Golem

Zoom zoom, pew pew! I warp in to the first anomaly to join Fin, immediately acting all un-Golem-like. I'm fast, agile, and my capacitor is stable. It's a curiously familiar experience, despite having restricted myself to the Golem for a while now. Fin has also brought in some specialised cruise missiles, now that we've shifted away from torpedoes, which really hit the Sleepers hard. This is a rampage.

The Sleepers fall quickly, our favoured anomalies gone before we even settle in to a groove. We have more anomalies, those that don't offer as much ISK and are perhaps a little more fiddly to deal with, but ISK is ISK and who cares if we don't know what ships trigger new waves? That's half the fun.

A swarm of frigates greets us in the first, mostly unfamiliar anomaly. They're easy to deal with, even if the Golem's cruise missiles are more suited to dealing with beefier targets. Fin tries to take the Argos guns out, hopefully putting her weapons to better use, but they seem to be awkward to hit. Still, I'm absorbing their damage without noticing, and so is Fin when they switch to her. The guns can stay.

Swarm of Sleepers

The second wave comes in, and Fin says the trigger for the third wave is a cruiser. That's easy enough to check, and doing so means popping the battleships first. If we're wrong, we're only left with a cruiser extra in the next wave, not a battleship, so that will work out too. Fin's right, of course, so the last wave comes in as the final cruiser falls. A few more Sleepers down and the site is clear.

We move to another anomaly and continue our rampage through the home system anomalies. I don't think we should continue much longer, though. It's not so much that these other anomalies don't generate as much income, but more the way the frigates all burn towards and swarm around the Golem, providing little bookmarkable wrecks as potential guidance beacons for anyone wanting to question our Golem's structural integrity. It's maybe better if we had it sat far away from anything.

The last of the Sleepers are popped and we retire to our tower to swap combat boats for Noctis salvagers. All goes smoothly, no one interrupts us, but another side-effect of the non-favoured anomalies arises. The many frigates become many frigate wrecks, all of which take time to salvage. More, larger ships are a definite advantage in salvaging too. All the wrecks are soon looted and salvaged, though, and we bring back close to 400 Miskies for the evening.

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  2. Noctis salvagers

    ... are obsolete, except if you are salvaging concurrent with site-running.

    Otherwise: launch one mobile tractor per site, when you first warp in. Then come back at your leisure in a destroyer to salvage. You risk far less, and also it's much faster.

    By Von Keigai on Apr 25, 2014

  3. As I read it you said, "...swap combat boats for Noctis salvagers..." Salvagers with an ‘s’, as in moar than one? If yes, have you tried...

    First: Site runners carry as many MTUs as they reasonably can in cargo, THEN;
    -Drop an MTU ‘at the warpin’ for each site;
    -Kill all the Things;
    -Rinse and Repeat until last MTU is dropped;
    -Kill all the Things in that site THEN;
    -Each of you warp back to YOUR MTUs, 'scoop then loot', THEN;
    -Warp back to POS, drop Loot;
    The Salvager reships to a Sebo boosted, x3 stabbed, x8 Salver II fit Noctis;
    The rest reship to support ships, (Logi and/or Ewar);
    -Fleet Warp to and Salvage each wreckball;
    -Rinse and Repeat for all remaining sites.

    (A) Tractors are not needed as the MTUs leave a nice fat wreckball at the warpin and...
    (B) A Fastlock All Salver Noctis is an AMAZINGLY busy and fast salvaging ship, and with a nice tight wreckball you will be stunned at how fast a Hi-SP and experienced Noctii pilot can hoover up the salvage.
    (C) If more than one pilot is dropping MTUs, then each drops in consecutive sites in turn until out of MTUs.
    IE Sam drops at sites 1, 2, 3; Dan drops at 4, 5; and Bill drops at 6, 7, 8, so each guy warps to ‘his’ MTUs to scoop n loot.
    (D) We bring as much support as we can field, most often using Scythes or Scimis active repping from range with a Falcon or 2 for “GTFO” if hot dropped;
    (E) The Noctis should start aligning to the next site when the 4th or 3rd to last wreck pops. You should get very close to or just over warp speed when the last one pops. Also consider dubble and triple up salvers on the last wrecks...

    This method we have found to be very fast and as safe as a small group inna hole can make salvaging. It takes advantage of strengths of both the MTU (LAI [Launch And Ignore] tractoring and looting) and the 8 Salver Sebo Noctis (The Salvaging GOD).

    Plus a x3 stabbed Noctis is hard to pin down for most small gangs (takes 4 points or a Dictor/HIC), add Logi at 90km keeping the Noccy alive (search Jester for the fit) and a Falcon or 2 on the field to jam out aggressors so she can escape…

    These steps could just make the difference tween Ship and Salvage in the POS or your Noctis wreck on scan... and Yes, the MTUs are at risk, but better to lose an MTU or 2 and some Loot, than the Loot, Salvage AND a Noctis.

    By TurAmarth on Apr 26, 2014

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