It's difficult to make a mess of simple scanning

27th April 2014 – 3.49 pm

I've got to stop making stupid mistakes. It's kinda expensive, and a bit stupid. Scanning the anomalies and single signature in the home system seems pretty safe to start with, and as my glorious leader has kindly bought and assembled a new Loki strategic cruiser for me there is no impediment to my continued w-space adventures. She's even named the new ship. I should probably be better at being as awesome as Fin too.

Take her out, number one. Aye, cap'n! Mmm, smooth. She's built like a rusted girder but handles like a rafter. Scanning the sole signature naturally resolves our static wormhole, and I warp to it and jump through to see where it takes me today. Nowhere special, it seems. My directional scanner shows me a mobile depot labelled 'empty' and nothing else, and my notes from three months ago list no occupation and don't even mention the class of static wormhole.

Maybe I couldn't have been bothered to resolve the static wormhole on my last visit to this class 3 w-space system, but today it seems I will have to. A blanket scan of the system highlights the lack of occupation, with a messy twenty-one anomalies and eleven signatures returned. There are no ships under my combat probes and the bunched structures around a distant planet are all off-line towers and defences. There's nothing to see here.

I can already guess that the static wormhole will be a K346, given the sustained lack of occupation. A chubby wormhole amongst the gas sites could indicate a low-sec exit, but diving down through the weak data and relic sites picks up a second wormhole. That's it for wormholes. The weak one is indeed a K346 to null-sec k-space with The Kalevala Expanse nebula shimmering through, but exit w-space takes me instead to nearby Etherium reach. One pilot in the null-sec system, four signatures. I may be back.

Returning to C3a and warping to the chubbier wormhole sees a K162 from class 5 w-space. It looks harmless enough from here, so I jump through. It still looks harmless enough, with the wormhole clear and d-scan showing me nothing. A blanket scan reveals thirteen anomalies, four signatures, and no ships. My notes suggest occupation from four months ago should be in range, which it isn't, and my overview settings are fine this time. One of the two planets out of d-scan range holds three towers, though.

Only one signature in C5a is chubby, making K162-spotting easy, and it is a wormhole, naturally leading back to more class 5 w-space. Deeper in to w-space I go, where a Broadsword heavy interdictor and Loki appear on d-scan in C5b, but they are probably both floating at the tower also visible. D-scan indicates this is probably the case, so I warp away, launch probes, and blanket the system as I locate the moon with the tower.

Thirteen anomalies, nine signatures, the two ships d-scan has shown me. They are both floating unpiloted inside the tower's force field, which lets me continue scanning probably undetected. Wormhole, a K162 from null-sec. Wormhole, a K162 from null-sec. Did I stutter? Wormhole, a K162 from class 2 w-space, but at the end of its life. That's it for wormholes in C5b, and that's probably it for me too. A relaxing evening of not being an idiot.

Engaging a rat in null-sec

I poke the null-sec systems before I head back, just because I can. The first takes me to a system in Detorid with no one around. I can't resist looking for a rat to pop, particularly as there are no other signatures in the system to suck me in to more scanning. I find a couple of battleships flanked by frigates, and pop the escort and the highest-ranking battleship to show some minor achievement for the night. The other null-sec K162 in C5b comes from Fountain, but I bore easily. I refrain from ratting any more and simply head home after a quiet night.

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