Not exploring my options

3rd May 2014 – 3.37 pm

Fin's lost a Loki. My glorious leader hasn't misplaced the strategic cruiser in a hangar, but got it stuck on a structure in an anomaly when reclaiming some Sleeper loot of ours, and the four Golem marauders trying to steal it took offence. So it goes. We should probably buy a stack of Lokis for the number we're going through. For now, Fin's gone off-line and I'm arrived to see what's happening.

The hostile pilots' K162 from class 2 w-space remains in the home system. I'm not entirely sure it's worth poking through that, but as they didn't actively attack us and the kerfuffle happened a couple of hours ago it's probably worth at least seeing if they are still active. I jump to C2a and update my directional scanner, seeing two Golems—and no Sleeper wrecks—two Bestower haulers, one Sigil hauler, and two towers. Looking out the window sees a Wolf-Rayet phenomenon.

One Golem is by itself in one tower, so I whip across to locate the industrial targets. Sadly, they're all empty of pilots, as is the other Golem that's with them. The first Golem turns out to be piloted, but by a capusleer probably snoozing. I ignore him to warp away to the edges of the system to look for other occupation, finding it too. One way has a third tower with two Orca industrial command ships, the other way a fourth tower with an Orca, Epithal hauler, and a Crucifier frigate. The frigate is the only of these ships to be piloted.

Not much is going on, and there's not much to see with probes either. I may as well scan the four signatures, if only because there will be a high-sec exit amongst them, and I resolve that plus another wormhole. Getting the exit lands me in a not-terribly convenient system in Genesis, but one with an additional signature. Scanning that seems like a sensible way to avoid polarisation issues when returning to a potentially hostile system, so I launch probes.

Buzzard sits near a K162 from class 1 w-space in high-sec

The signature is a wormhole, with a covert operations boat on it. But this is high-sec, Penny. Remember that. I warp across and see the Buzzard sitting next to a K162 from class 1 w-space, and remember to ignore it, just as an orange pilot appears in the local channel. He's from C2a, so I warp back to see if he's perhaps taking a hauler back in to w-space. He's not, he's just poked out from his home system in a Cheetah. It's still high-sec, Penny, so leave this one alone too.

Cheetah from the class 2 w-space system visits high-sec

It's easy to ignore cov-ops boats, as catching them is pretty difficult most of the time. The Cheetah returns to C2a, and not long after the Buzzard from the C1 K162 warps to this C2 K162 and burns to the wormhole and jumps. Some high-sec explorer, perhaps. Either way, I ignore him again and wander back to the other wormhole to explore the class 1 system.

Buzzard in high-sec moves from one K162 to another

Jumping to C1a and punching d-scan sees a tower and no ships, and the discovery scanner shows me seventeen anomalies but only two signatures. I think the odds are good that this system has been inactive for hours and that signature is another wormhole, so rather than trying to hide from the tower I launch probes and scan incautiously. It is a wormhole, but not deeper w-space, only a K162 from high-sec Metropolis.

Back I go to high-sec Genesis, and across to return to C2a. No one obviously waits for me, but I should bear in mind the scout in the Cheetah. Oh, right, there's that other wormhole too. I warp across to my bookmark to see a K162 from class 5 w-space, one that looks peculiarly intimidating. It's not that I fear C5 space as such, more that I don't see any good coming from visiting the system.

The C2a locals have been active and were happy ripping our Loki apart. I would say that either nothing is happening in C5a, or the C2 capsuleers have quelled whatever was happening, or the C5 capsuleers have done the same to C2a. Me and my Loki probably won't have much additional influence. Of course, the C2a locals may have gone to sleep and C5a is taking this opportunity to run planet goo, but probably not with a C2a scout active and a Golem and Crucifier pilot on standby. No, I think I'll uncharacteristically leave this wormhole alone.

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