Clearing a couple of Sleeper sites

21st May 2014 – 5.54 pm

There's almost nothing to see at home. The tower's still there, thank goodness, but precious little else. Two anomalies and the static wormhole are all the discovery scanner and my probes show me, and two good anomalies at that. Actually, this is a pretty decent-looking system I've got here. It would be a shame if something were to happen to it.

I think I'll make something happen. A (probably) closed system and a couple of good anomalies is an opportunity to make some easy ISK, particularly now that we have our Golem and the (silly) mobile tractor unit working in harmony against the Sleepers. We can sweep through a site or two with little effort. It is far from a chore, and I can explore for different opportunity afterwards.

I warp to our tower, ditch my cloaky Loki strategic cruiser for the marauder, and head in to the first anomaly. Drop in to bastion mode, drop the MTU, and start shooting Sleepers. Pew pew! Laser missiles! Keeping a watch on both the discovery scanner, trying to force updates regularly, and my directional scanner should keep me safe.

Golem versus Sleepers

The second wave of Sleepers hurts a bit, what with the heavy energy neutralising they try to inflict on me, but the cruisers are weak and soon despatched, and after the first battleship explodes most of the strain is removed. The Golem handles it all quite well anyway.

The third wave is mostly target management. Sleeper frigates are first. Their warp scrambling is an annoyance more than anything, given that I can't move in bastion mode, but it's good to get rid of them just in case. I try setting my drones on them—more management—and it almost improves on the damage done by cruise missiles and target painters. After that, just cruise missiles on the cruisers and battleships.

I loot and salvage as I go, occasionally transferring all the MTU has collected in to the Golem's hold, and salvaging all the wrecks it pulls in. As done previously, I leave the last couple of wrecks, grabbing the MTU and leaving rather than waiting like a lemon for the long tractor time. I can come back for them. As a precaution, I warp my Golem back to our tower and dump the first site's loot and salvage in our hangar before aiming for the second anomaly.

Salvaging the last couple of wrecks in a destroyer

The second site is the same as the first, and is cleared in much the same way. A couple more drones die to frigates, but they were partly damaged to start with and I was probably just putting them out of their misery. Otherwise, the site is cleared without fuss, and I return to our tower with more loot and salvage.

Out of the marauder and in to a destroyer, going back to clean up the last two wrecks in both sites. It's cheap, easy, and safer than leaving the Golem in space longer than necessary. Two sites cleared, piece of cake, and we have 150 Miskies of new booty in the hangar. Still, if it really was so simple and easy, why do I now have a headache? I don't much fancy exploring any more.

With impeccable timing, here's my glorious leader. I tag out and Fin warps to the static wormhole, opening it to our neighbouring class 3 w-space system, and jumping through. I hold on for a little longer, in case I'm needed, and when Fin relays the system number to me it seems awfully familiar. I suppose it should too, as I was only there a couple of days ago. No occupation, a static exit to null-sec. It sounds boring already. Fin confirms there is no activity, so I bid her good hunting and go off-line to lie down.

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