Get loot, sell loot

12th August 2014 – 5.51 pm

I popped a Tengu strategic cruiser but had to leave the wreck behind, deciding to flee from a Navy Vexor cruiser. That's cool, my Proteus strategic cruiser is still cruising, having warped to our K162 to get out of further trouble. Checking my directional scanner shows that the Vexor has bugged out too, probably back to the tower far out of d-scan range. I can go back, under cloak, to see if the Tengu wreck has been looted or not.

Tengu wreck left untouched

Warping to my perch in the anomaly sees the wreck untouched. That's peculiar, as I would have thought the locals would want to salvage what they can from their loss. Whatever, their loss could be my gain, as long as they aren't planning a sneaky counter-ambush. As I've only seen two pilots on-line, the second appearing to shoo me from the first, along with a completely undefended tower, I don't think I'll run in to more trouble.

My perch in the anomaly isn't good. It lets me view the anomaly, but is too close to allow warping in to and out of the site. No problem, I bookmark the Tengu wreck and bounce off our wormhole to get close. Updating d-scan all the way confirms that no obvious ships are returning for the wreck themselves, and I get on top of the ex-Tengu to loot the surviving modules. There aren't many, and they aren't good. Well, they are Tech II, but I'm hardly expecting to see anything less.

Looting the wreck of the Tengu I destroyed

I loot and shoot the wreck, warping back to our K162 a little startled at getting shot. It's only the two remaining Sleeper frigates that I reminded myself about and promptly forgot, not any real danger. Cloaked and safe again, I check the details of the popped Tengu. It's cheap. Much cheaper than I thought you could even buy the ship for. Maybe three hundred million ISK, fitted. It's a passive shield fit too. No wonder my Proteus could chew through it.

Ah, this class 3 w-space system has a cataclysmic variable phenomenon. I knew that, I just didn't understand quite what that entailed. I look up the details of the phenomenon, seeing that it impairs local repairs and enhances remote repairs, hence the Tengu relying on shield resistances and the passive recharge rate. Considering the effect these phenomena can have on an engagement, I really should know this information.

Back to the present, and I warp to the tower to see what's happening. Nothing, really. I ought to get my armour repaired back at our tower, not feeling entirely comfortable flying in w-space at half strength, but I'm here and have probes launched. I may as well scan first. There's a static exit to high-sec somewhere, probably amongst all of this gas, gas, gas, gas, and gas. The last signature is the wormhole, and the only signature in d-scan range of the tower. Still, I think the locals are aware of me by now, my probes appearing on d-scan shouldn't be a surprise.

The ex-Tengu pilot swaps to a Helios covert operations boat and blinks off-line as I finish scanning, swiftly followed by the Navy Vexor wannabe-rescuer, leaving me alone in the system. Alone with a wormhole that goes to high-sec Lonetrek, by the looks of it. Never has a bland greyness looked so appealing. Of course, Lonetrek is quite big, so I poke my nose through the wormhole to see where I end up. Four hops from Jita. I can't ignore this.

I should export our mounting piles of loot. It should be safe enough through C3a, with no pilots on-line and no other wormholes. I take my Proteus home, repair its armour, and jump in to a Bustard transport. I throw all of our Sleeper and plundered loot in to its hold, and head out, wondering if I'm taking a risk transporting almost a billion ISK of loot. Probably, but a mitigated risk. Such is w-space life.

Out to high-sec, and I look for a buyer of Sleeper loot. Not low-sec, thanks. I head Forgewards to find someone suitable, getting me closer to my destination whilst managing to stay in Lonetrek. Sleeper loot sold, it's on to Jita, and beyond! A short diversion lets me collect the guns for our Revelation dreadnought that I had to abandon, first because of a collapsing wormhole, then because of a fuel crisis.

Jita 4-4

Back I go, pausing in Jita to sell salvage, modules, and minerals, stocking up on tower fuel to fill the empty space in the Bustard whilst it's convenient. My recent adventure has taught me this lesson. Take us home, Mr Sulu. Across high-sec, to the wormhole, and in to C3a. The wormhole is clear, the Helios is back on d-scan, and a new anomaly and new signature pop on the silly discovery scanner.

I also see our K162 is still in the system, thanks to the same silly discovery scanner, which is something. I cross the system, jump home unmolested, and warp to our tower. I drop the dreadnought guns in to our hangar and top up the tower with—hey, I brought home a couple of weeks' worth of fuel. I thought it was maybe a couple of days' worth, not fully realising how much the Bustard can carry now. I don't suppose we'll need to risk our Orca industrial command ship for essential logistics any more.

I've brought home a good chunk of fuel, and having seen the new signature in C3a I don't see a need to risk the Bustard for a second trip tonight. It's also too late to scan the signature and do anything with it, so I simply swap back to my Proteus and go off-line, after an exciting and productive evening.

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