Mucking around on Museum d'Alfonsino

30th December 2015 – 5.24 pm

A change of scenery! Museum d'Alfonsino crops up in the Pineapple Splatfest. It's quite an open map, with some side routes, and just one way to cross the middle—up and across the central rotating platform. That's quite a pinch point, and as I show quite early, you need to watch your back. The Museum's side routes are also not entirely obvious, and they are easy to miss from being inked. I try to do my part after getting splatted back to our base, and manage not to jump in to the water. That gap is too big to get across, so you have to land on the moving platform, which I found out at some point. Probably more than once.

Making one jump doesn't mean I make others quite so well. Neither does knowing how awkward it is to get to the opponents' side make me stay there. I would like to think I'm not drawn to dropping down on top of a squid just to get a splat, but that the mass of purple ink below me needs to be recovered in orange. I really want to think that, mostly because I don't get the splat, and am beaten to it by a squidmate with a roller.

Getting back to the other side isn't simple either. I bump my squidy head on a platform, then miss the jump. But you turn mistakes in to opportunities, probably. I try not to waste my Suction Bomb Rush, then make my way back. A couple of Aerosprays pointing at me convince me to return to my base, but thankfully I have a quick way back with a squidmate being in a good position for a super-jump. I don't stay there long, though.

In the end, we get a lot of good ink coverage, despite a couple of last-second Inkstrikes from our opponents. I top our team with a good score, and our little roller kid did brilliantly with the splats. Stopping the opponents from inking by splatting them is a good secondary tactic.

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