Tri-sloshing through Tower Control on Blackbelly Skatepark

4th January 2016 – 5.33 pm

Although a charger can work quite well on Blackbelly Skatepark, as many squids on the opposing team have shown me, I revert to using the excellent Tri-slosher for Tower Control. The map is so contoured that there are many good vantage points from which to splash ink down on unsuspecting squids. Unlike most weapons, the ink falling from bucket weapons does full damage, making it ideal for someone who has trouble aiming, as well as for someone who likes to spend lots of time on the tower. The added bonus of the Bubbler just helps us keep control for a bit longer.

Springing the Bubbler special at the right moment works wonders too. It's good to remember that the Bubbler can be shared with squidmates, and also good to remember that everyone huddling up on the tower isn't always a good idea, so I tend to pop the Bubbler, spread it around those on the tower, then push forwards by myself to clear the path ahead of any opponents posing a threat. It's a tactic that can work quite well.

I get the Bubbler working and push ahead, and get rid of that pesky Heavy Splatling, although he splats me too. It's then a frenetic rush to grab control of the tower, and I think we win it in the end.

Yep, we definitely seem to win, and in quite good time too. Me, I'm sitting in a pool of someone else's ink at the end, but I like to think I play my part in the victory.

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