Trying the N-ZAP '85 on Museum d'Alfonsino Rainmaker

7th January 2016 – 5.20 pm

Recording my battles in Splatoon was mostly to allow me to replay my games for me, and I have enjoyed watching them back. I get to relive the silly moments, see details I have missed, and just enjoy the great design of Splatoon. But it has had another effect, in that I am motivated to use more than just my staple weapons. I got comfortable with the Splash-o-Matic to the point of using it exclusively in Turf War, and the Tri-slosher works great in Tower Control. That I managed to work out how to use a charger and the Splatterscope is just a bonus from a friendly player on reddit.

But uploading video after video of the Splash-o-Matic may be boring for others, even if I enjoy the games. As a result, I am trying out some of the other weapons available. And I won't lie, my motivation for picking the other weapons is mostly based on how effectively they have been used against me. Although I've tried them in the past, it's generally for a game or two and deciding that I'm better with the Splash-o-Matic and go back to that. Of course, what I need is practice, and recording my battles gives me the encouragement to git gud.

In this battle, I try out the N-ZAP '85 again. It has a longer range than the Splash-o-Matic, which most guns do, and a decent fire rate. The Echolocator special should be good in most battle modes, as it highlights your opponents' positions. Maybe not quite as useful in Rainmaker, as the Rainmaker carrier is visible on the Gamepad map, or highlighted in the ink. Still, I would like to be able to feel comfortable with more weapons, giving me greater choice in battles, both in the weapons themselves and the subs and specials they offer.

Rainmaker on Museum d'Alfonsino is a bit tricky. The large open space in the middle is fine, although the spinning platforms can obscure movement, but the compressed space when getting close to the podium and opponent's base makes for some frustrating but manic battling.

I manage to be quite evasive at times, run right in to the opponent at other times, but overall give a good impression of myself during the battle. We don't win, but that's not the point of Ranked play. The point is to get a challenging battle against equally skilled squids, and that's what we got.

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