Rainmaker battle on Bluefin Depot

11th January 2016 – 5.13 pm

Rainmaker is as much about turf control as it is moving the Rainmaker. If your ink covers the turf, you have free movement and your opponents don't. This doesn't help directly with the goal of dunking the Rainmaker, but it denies your opponents access to and movement with the Rainmaker, and allows your own team to move freely forwards once the Rainmaker is picked up. This is why there is often a fair amount of inking away from the apparent action. This is what the squid with the Dual Squelcher is doing when he jumps up towards our podium when the Rainmaker is in our control.

It can be quite important to cover your opponents' ink as a priority, instead of heading for the Rainmaker. If you don't, and they get the Rainmaker, it could be possible for their side to make a swift movement across most of the map. This is why I take time not just to splat the Dual Squelcher, who is inking a potential future path, but also cover his tracks. If they want to come this way, they will need to ink it over again.

I don't really do much fancy in this game of Rainmaker, my first of the evening. I am trying a new weapon too, of sorts. The Tri-slosher Nouveau is the same basic weapon as the Tri-slosher, so it's not new in that respect, but the sub and specials are different. I often don't remember what my sub does, not using it as a result, but having the Echolocator as the special is normally useful in any game mode. This should be clear when I get a triple-splat at around the two-minute mark. I'm happy if that's my main contribution to the battle, particularly as I outflank the enemy to achieve it.

It's not a win for our side, but we get closer than I expect, given the start. I shall persevere with the Tri-slosher Nouveau too. I like the weapon quite a lot.

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