Winning at Rainmaker on Urchin Underpass

12th January 2016 – 5.26 pm

The map for Urchin Underpass has some amendments for Rainmaker battles. The normal map has a pinch-point to enter the opposition's side of the map. There are three ways out, but only one way in, because of ink-resistant walls. This is good for preventing domination from slight skill differences, but detrimental to the battle when the goal is to get in to opposition territory. Extra blocks are added to allow passage along different routes, and the blocks are noticeably different to the normal objects in the map. That helps them stand out, which is needed in the mayhem of the battles. I still don't always notice them, though, which is why I bumped in to an extra block kinda by accident in a previous battle.

The extra blocks also help your team to get to the action more quickly. I make use of one after I first get splatted with the Rainmaker. Good for me, too, because I often forget that block is there, only seeing it after taking that route to the centre of the map by inking my normal way there. Not this time! A flanking manoeuvre works better than expected, mostly by my squidmates having splatted our opponents by the time I get there. That lets me get splatted holding the Rainmaker again. It's okay, I'm used to it.

I'm not sure I'm a fan of playing against squids that have spent so much currency on getting their equipment matched so well. I really don't take the game that seriously, and neither do I want to. It's just a really fun game for me. But Ranked battles are meant to match squids of similar skill level, and as long as I get competitive matches that aren't stressful I'll keep playing. Those more serious players can rise higher and play with similarly dedicated squids.

A fairly standard game. No knockout, but a fairly decisive victory for our side.

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