Dunking the Rainmaker on Urchin Underpass

13th January 2016 – 5.10 pm

More Rainmaker on Urchin Underpass. Sticking with the Tri-slosher Nouveau, I enjoy how quickly I can ink and move and take a secondary role at the start of the match. Instead of bursting the Rainmaker's bubble, I skirt around it to ink some turf and, more importantly, deny their squids access to the Rainmaker. It almost works. Whilst I splat a squid and ink some turf, I am also out of the battle by doing that. Still, my squidmates are with me, and we re-gather the Rainmaker and push ahead.

Getting firmly in the opponents' half of the map and up the ramp towards the podium is well worth sending out a 'Nice!' That last bit of turf is going to be the hardest to cover, with the opponents compressed and respawning near the Rainmaker, and us under heavy inking and having to cover most of the map to get back. The task isn't made easier when a squidmate grabs the Rainmaker and moves backwards.

I find out that we've retreated when I super-jump to the Rainmaker and land behind an ink-resistant wall. My squidmate has gone further back than that. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's to deny the other team the Rainmaker, trusting that we can keep a solid lead for the rest of the battle. Or he could just be holding on to the Rainmaker until reinforcements arrive. It certainly seems like the latter is possible when he starts forwards again when it's clear I'm with him. But, by then, the Rainmaker counter has dropped quite low. If it reaches zero, it explodes.

The Rainmaker explodes. I think he was just trying to buy us some time after all. Not the best strategy, really. Then, neither is picking up the Rainmaker and getting splatted. A better strategy is to grab the Rainmaker and make a dash forwards, particularly if it is mostly through your own ink and not whilst being hassled by the opponents. My squidmates catch up with me and really help me out in getting to the podium. Some ink is spread, and they form a squid shield from incoming shots.

A blast with the Rainmaker towards the podium turns out to be very handy indeed. Even though the path to the podium isn't clear, a small jump to where the Rainmaker inked the podium gets me the last few feet, and a knockout victory! Woomy!

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