Rainmaker mayhem on Bluefin Depot

14th January 2016 – 5.53 pm

Bypassing the Rainmaker to splat some squids becomes a more obviously good strategy at the start of this battle on Bluefin Depot. It looks clear, so I try to burst the shield, but the opponents catch up with my fast movement and splat me from behind. So it goes. I soon get back in to the battle, and push forwards with the Rainmaker.

I noticed, or hopefully just remembered, from a previous game that extra inkable blocks allow for a shortcut up to the opponents' raised base area. It's not straightforward to get to, the Rainmaker slows you down a bit, and, as I show, chargers and other weapons get a good view of you coming, but I try to get the Rainmaker up via that route. When it doesn't work the first time, I try, try, try again. Maybe I should be dissuaded by my many failed attempts.

It's worth noting another type of added block and its use. When the charger splats me on my first attempt at getting to the raised area, he inks the top of a small block and squids in to it. These are extra blocks in Ranked modes too, added on grills that are otherwise for access only. Squids fall through grills, which is good for access to whatever's below, but not good for movement. You have to run, which is slower than squidding, and you can't recharger your ink either. This is a clever way to make some routes unfavourable, but denies some turf control in Ranked battles. The small extra blocks alleviate that problem, by converting a small section of the surface to allow for recharging your ink, whilst keep the majority of it more difficult turf to traverse.

Highlights of the battle include a pain of a Gold Dynamo Roller, but one who jumps backwards in to water a couple of times whilst splatting. I running in to a Splat Wall, which is less fun, as is bouncing off the Rainmaker's shield in to water. But that last one is pretty hilarious.

It's not a win for us. We get close, but maybe we would have got closer had I not persisted in an obviously difficult route. I shall learn from this!

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