Turning it around in Turf War

18th January 2016 – 5.39 pm

Sticking with the Splattershot Jr for now, and so a different tactic than with the Splash-o-Matic. I don't try to cross in to opponent territory as soon as I can to cause some disruption, but ink up as much turf as necessary to charge up my Bubbler special to start with. That way, when I have the Bubbler ready, I can run in to opponent territory and have some protection ready when I do it.

The plan goes a little awry when it becomes obvious a charger is waiting for me over the ramp. It doesn't stop me, although maybe it should, just delays me as I pause to think. I jump over, pop the Bubbler, and have it run out before I can find the charger. He retreats effectively and picks me off as I head in the wrong direction.

After that, I take a bit more care with my situational awareness. Trying to to charge directly in to engagements I am likely to lose, I ease myself in to them, preferably from the side. It's not always successful, but the added caution, plus some effective evasion from threats, helps to turn the battle around for us.

Keeping the Bubbler charger as much as possible, and popping it when under threat, really helps keep me from being splatted, which itself enables me to ink more turf. I end the game with an excellent 1346p, and 8-3 splats. That's a great result, and a good indication of how effective the Splattershot Jr can be.

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