Tri-slosher Tower Control on Blackberry Skatepark

20th January 2016 – 5.13 pm

This is an odd route to the tower that I take. I think it's prompted by my starting position on the base. That happens. I prefer to have multiple options open at the start of any battle, on any map, and the one I choose can be dictated by the lower likelihood of causing disruption to my squidmates. Still, going down and up the ramps, then up the full height of the central column, is not an efficient route to the tower, even if it gets me there first. It is better, even with a bit of squid-on-squid bumping and maybe even some blocked ink, to take the more level route just to the left.

Naturally, as I squid straight for the tower, I get splatted early. Respawning has my heading in a different direction, partly to get more turf inked to help generally with movement, partly because it looks like the tower is heading that way. Doing so, I notice some green ink landing at my heels. I love this game. You can't move freely without laying down some ink, and laying down some ink is a tell-tale that you are heading in a certain direction. I know an opponent is behind me.

I squid down our ink a bit further, to give myself some room, and turn to confront the green squid, getting the jump on him. That leaves me free to continue to intercept the tower. I head directly up the wall, which I only recently found out was a viable route. For ages I inked up the side, to the left, and then headed up the ramp to get to that top ledge, until I noticed a squidmate in one battle ink and squid directly up the wall. It's good to see what others know that you don't.

I know the power and range of the Inkzooka, that squid didn't have to show me. But I get my revenge soon enough. A couple of times, in fact. It feels good. I also find out that the potential shortcut behind an opponent wall doesn't work, by bumping in to thin air. Fair enough. We can't quite protect our lead, despite our best efforts to wipe out the whole opposition team at once, but keeping them distracted with my sloshing in the centre of the map allows my squidmates to ride the tower even further. Good job, everyone!

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